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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Hans Christian, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. AXM61

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    Nice photos and a great build of yours you have there.
    Responding to your question, yes, there will be a stand for the ISS.
    I'm just waiting to make the S1 and P1 trusses so I can have the rest of the templates I need to complete the stand.
    This stand that I'm designing (which by the way is a very simple one) will prevent sagging. The model is going to sit on the stand and the stand "poles" will hold the whole model without sagging. Plain and simple.
    The solar arrays will have their own method to sustain them because of their weight.

    It will be a different scenario if you guys want to hang this model from the ceiling. You would need a lot of wires holding specific places to avoid the truss from sagging.

    The "Achilles Tendon" I think is going to be the SARJ areas, areas that will rotate just as the real one. I haven't design that part yet but I will find a solution.
    The structure of the S3-P3 and S4-P4 segments will be reinforced because they are hollow.
    There will be no need to put a dowel between the trusses elements, crazy glue will do its thing here. If you have noticed on the S0, I have drawn on each end ,areas that will connect with the S1 and P1 segments. There will be little connectors that will hold all these segments in place.

    In a couple of more days I will be doing all this and let's see what happens.
    Take care,

  2. paulhbell

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    Thanks for your reply about the stand, and I'm maybe pushing a bit, but will the stand be high enough to add a shuttle. I could make it higher myself, but I would like to keep everything as you've designed.
  3. AXM61

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    I am designing this stand with a Shuttle in mind,docking to it. It will be high enough to hold not only a shuttle but the future russian modules, too.
  4. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Thanks sir Gerardo!!!

    I will update you guys in every significant happening here, so that when its finally the time for you guys to sit in the cockpit, you will have a better perspective on what to expect!

    regards to all :-D
  5. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Sir Alfonso, I was also thinking of the same thing as well...

    and I may have come up with something here...

    I'll just draw it in MS Paint during the weekends... :-D
  6. NYC Irish

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    Bent Florist Stem wires inside the laminated structure?

    John John
  7. underwoodl06

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    Sorry I haven't been updating but things are a bit busy around here. My Brother just left tonight to join the men in Iraq, so as you may be able to tell I am a bit put off of the model right now. Just to show that I am in the midst of working, Here is a progress photo of the S0 and the MBS in the works. The frame is essentially finished so it shouldn't take too long to finish up.
  8. nexstarman

    nexstarman New Member

    I have only been building sub-assemblies in 1/100, I am less interested in putting everything together. That takes up more space and it's harder to pick something up and turn it over in my hands. Although for people who do, your ISS stand will be great. The MBS in this pic looks great, that is the next thing for me.

    So far I have got the Z1, PMA 1-3, Unity, Destiny/ESP-1, Harmony, Raffaello, S0, P6, Dextre (in pallet), Jules Verne, ESP-2, Quest. P6, Z1, Unity, Destiny and Quest are Marscenter and the ATV is by Ton.
  9. nexstarman

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    I did a little digging on the design of S6 which is scheduled to go up next month, it looks just like P6 except the only radiator is on the payload-bay-portside. P6 also had them on payload-bay-zenith and payload-bay-starboard. Just have to find out if there is just white thermal covering on S6 where those radiators would otherwise be stowed.
  10. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    That's a pretty crisp truss assembly Lucas!!!

    On behalf of all of us here, please send our take cares to your brother :)
  11. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    Darn impressive work so far, Lucas. That's going to be quite a model.

    And, like the others, please pass along my good-luck-and-stay-safe wishes to your brother.
  12. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Thanks for the replies and I will pass along the message. Thanks.
  13. spaceboy7441

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    Hey guys this is my first post on this forum. I have been doing the AXM models since about august of last year. I have done STS-124 full stack, crawler and MLP. I also did STS-121. They were both ok but now I am really trying to do it good. The MLP is the latest thing I have completed. It looks the best by far. I am starting from scratch. I will build the payload version of each module and the 1:100 version of each. At one point I will also build the 1:144 so I can dock it with the orbiter but I am going for the great details now. I am on STS-88 and have completed the orbiter and NODE 1 and am working on the PMA's but I am having trouble with the bottom. I don't get how to do the 2 bottom peices. It is by far the best I have done.

    Thanks you can checkout my progress here. I will post pictures of my previous models later.:mrgreen:
  14. nexstarman

    nexstarman New Member

    S0 and P6 trusses: S0 by AXM, P6 by Marscenter

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  15. spaceboy7441

    spaceboy7441 Member

    You can see my finished STS-88 by AXM HERE:wave:
    Will be starting 1:100 ISS tonight or tomorrow.
  16. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    spaceboy and 'starman, those are some fine builds!!! :-D :inw:
  17. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    I can't get to the STS 88 build photos, it just takes to the forum page for the website to let me choose a section to go to.
  18. spaceboy7441

    spaceboy7441 Member

    That is weird! It is my Space models blog?
    Try this one.

    BTW according to the Calendar the P1 and S1 should be coming tonight or tomorrow.:thumb:
  19. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Ok, I got it. Great build. I like the trick with the PMA 2. I never thought of that. But I am beyond that part and have Destiny attached to the station.

    I am almost done with the MBS and I will have pictures later on tonight hopefully. If not then I should have some up tomorrow.
  20. spaceboy7441

    spaceboy7441 Member

    Ya I am now working on the 1:100 Node 1 and will go ahead and do the 1:100 ISS and come back to do all of the orbiters and payloads. I currently own STS-88,92,97,98 :mrgreen:

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