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    I got this from the new issue of railroad model craftsman magazine, and it works great. I took some floral wire (26 gauge) and floral tape, using 10 strands of wire about 4 inches long (this is for n gauge, not sure how much you'd need for ho) I twisted them together and then separated and bent them into tree trunk shapes then wrapped them in the floral tape. I painted them brown, then attached clump foliage to the tops. It turned out fantastic, and its so cheap! the wire and tape was about a buck fifty, and in n scale this will make many , many trees, so much cheaper than buying the plastic tree kits, and I think these look alot better even...I included a couple pics one is a finished tree, and the other is trunks waiting for paint.....If anyone is interested I can post a better explanation, I made a small jig from a piece of wood and a couple nails to quickly measure the strands of wire, and after a couple practice tries, can knock one of these trees out in about 10 minutes! Sorry the pictures arent digi camera is showing its age.....

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    Looks good:thumb:
    Did they show how to make pine trees?

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    really nice work , i will give it a try i have some space for trees and so on and i really dont want to pay out for PLASTIC if i dont have too
    thanks T
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    nope, they didnt show pine trees, Im trying to figure out a way to do it using this method, but im not sure it will work.........
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    WOW, that looks great!
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    One of our club members made a bunch of pine trees for his layout. He took an air conditioning pad and cut it into progressively smaller squares. He would stick them on a dowel, shape the pads, and then dip them in green paint. They look pretty good.


    Another guy in P48 scale goes to the floral shop and buys the little stuff that comes wrapped with flowers (I couldn't find the name) and he glues that on piece by piece onto dowels that he has already painted and shaped. He puts little holes for the branches into the dowels with a sharp compass point.

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    Neat pics.:mrgreen: Thanks for the ideas.

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