Avro Lancaster British Dam Buster Bomber

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Wad_Cutter, May 12, 2012.

  1. Wad_Cutter

    Wad_Cutter Member

    I hope it alright to post this in here and that this the correct place to do so and I'm not sure if it's known as of yet.
    link removed

    This model is a long ways off for me but I thought you guys might like to know. waddy
  2. Zathros

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    If you make a model, you can post where your got it from. We all know of the pay for sites. Buy the model if you wish, post a build thread, and then you can post all the data. We have a section of links. It is different if you find a Free model, we love free models. Posting random models to random "pay for sites" would just go on forever! :)
  3. Wad_Cutter

    Wad_Cutter Member

    Sorry, I wasn't trying to give FG a plug. I was just making a post of a large size model. I wasn't sure if everyone but me knew about it or not. I like free too. wc

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