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    The Arrow in 1/33 scale!!
  2. The Arrow is one of those great "what ifs" in aviation. It has developed an almost mystical following among aviation buffs some of whom firmly believe it would of been the greatest thing since sliced bread. Others pose it in the same sense a the Northrup Flying Wing as the great airplane killed by evil cabals. In reality the Arrow and the Wing were possiblities that died on the vine. The Arrows weakness was its Iriquois engines as I understand the issue. As for the wing one should listen to just what Robert Cardenas has to say about it. When asked about the Wing in one taped interview he said that he specifically recomended the Air Force not buy the aircraft as it had totally unrecoverable stall problems. But that said it would be neat to see a kit offered of the Arrow.
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    ARROW 2

    Mark: My late uncle was involved in dev't of the Arrow as part of the Avro Canada/RCAF design team. There was nothing wrong with either the Iroquois engine or the airframe: in fact, both were VERY far ahead of their time, and this is what P.O.'d our neighbours to the south (who were trying to sell us nuke-armed Bomarcs). There was hi-level pressure put on the Cdn govt: sufficient that Diefenbaker and Co not only canned the project, they scrapped the entire plant, all of the airframes, and tossed the project to the winds. Go figure...

    Jimmy the Fish
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    Bill: What I see there is not too shabby at all. What scale is it? 1:33??
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    A Mach 2+ plane when NO ONE had a working model past Mach 1. Ahead of its time is an understatement. Politics has got to be the ball and chain of our generation!

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