Avia B534 in 1/48 scale.

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cecil_severs, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. cecil_severs

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    Are you sure about that link? When I click on it I go to my own album, which depresses me because I see projects I haven't yet finished...
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  4. bfam4t6

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    That is some great work so far Cecil. I'm looking forward to the rest of the build.
  5. cecil_severs

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    Thanks Nobi for catching my link error. Of course it worked perfectly when I tested it,...duh. I'll post the rest of the pics here.

  6. cecil_severs

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    Here are some more pics for this build.
  7. barry

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    Looking good like the trick with the gun ports.

  8. Scorpio

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    Hello Cecil

    A very much nice and very clean work!
    But I have a question: what does signify "X"?

  9. shrike

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    The "X" is the Bulgarian national marking
  10. cecil_severs

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    I'm posting some pics now of my adventure in airbrushing for the underside of this model. Let's just say that the overall result was not pleasing. Viewer discrection advised for the following pics as graphic depictions of model destruction are shown.
  11. cecil_severs

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    All is not lost though I did spend most of Sunday re-printing parts and re-skinning the entire outer fuselage. The results were worth it.
  12. bfam4t6

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    Great work Cecil. I admire you at least having the courage to try something like airbrushing. I suppose you did know that you could reprint the parts, but for me, I dare not be too adventerous(sp?) becuase I know that I am very talented when it comes to destroying a model and only slightly talented when it comes to making one look good. The seems though look fine. I can't even tell that it has been reskinned. When you consider the size it's almost expected to have such seems. I'm sure your work and the rest of the detail will easily takes ones eyes away from them. And hey, if you want to see seems, look in my album :lol: I still look forward to seeing more! :D
  13. cecil_severs

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    Here are a few more progress pics.
  14. cecil_severs

    cecil_severs Member

    And a few more pics.
  15. Leif Oh

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    Cecil - great work not abandoning the project but mending it. I've been there, with the "sanding to within an inch of destruction", but never got to the stage of reskinning. How do you do that - another layer on top of the first? I think this experience needs to be told in more detail. Many of us would benefit. Thanks!

    I also like the wing spar. Nothing like getting a good stiff spar to determine and fix dihedral (or lack of it). Double bamboo sticks is it? - L.
  16. cecil_severs

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    The "re-skinning" is done using a fairly thick paper (about 40 pound stock) not card stock. I print a slightly larger copy than the original and then trim or sand as required to get a pretty good fit. This actually makes a very strong final product since it consists of several layers. The bamboo spar is a single skewer shaved flat on two sides so that it slides through the square slot in the fuselage.

    I'm thinking that a similar skinning process may help you with the very large wings on your Airacobra project. Of course you will want to sort of reverse the process to protect your valuable printed parts. First contstruct a "white wing" from parts cut slightly smaller than your printed ones. Then construct the wings with whatever formers and spars you deem necessary with the white card pieces. The printed wings should be printed on light card or heavy paper and "skinned" onto the completed wing. That way you can experiment till you get something you like before committing to the final product.

    Actually I just want to see more progress pics on your fabulous project.

  17. Leif Oh

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    So I'd better get my butt home from the office and get going then! Thanks - L.
  18. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Oh, that's beautiful work, Cecil! :D

    You've done a brilliant job on this plane, a very clean build!

    Great photos, and hope you are able to post more soon. :wink:


  19. cecil_severs

    cecil_severs Member

    Progress on this project continues to be very slow but I'm having a lot of fun with it.
  20. Leif Oh

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    Looking very good - what a save! O-rings are marvellous, aren't they. In 1/48 there's a very good selection of them; more difficult in 1/25 and larger. - L.

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