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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by rickstef, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. Maurice

    Maurice Member


    It will print ok for me on A4 so it may be your printer is allowing too large a margin at the head.
    If you can't change that setting it might be worth tacking a narrow strip of copy paper across the top to fool the printer.

    For those with US letter a slightly ink wasteful solution may be to rotate and print the parts pages a second time upside down. Might save ink if you can cancel the print part way through. I reckon all the parts will be complete somewhere on the two prints.

  2. vasek68

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    A4 -> Letter trouble

    Hi guys
    Sorry for the trouble with A4 paper size. The simplest solution for US letter is to let Acrobat Reader to scale down the sheet for you :? .

    The original scale of the model is 1:32 designed for A4 (Czech standard). When you will resize the model for your printer, you should get the final scale from 1:33,8 to 1:34 (depending on your printer model - :!: some of HP inkjet printers have horrible not printable area on the bottom of the page :( ).

    The Polish standard scale is, as we know 1:33, so your Avia will be missing 8mm on wingspan to this scale (0.315" for US) :shock: .

    Best regards

  3. shrike

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    Wausau Paper makes legal sized card stock. Any good stationer or office supply store can get it for you. Some of the big chains even have it in stock, but often kept in their copy and printing department instead of on the open shelves.
    A phone call or two should track it down and it solves all of the A4 problems handily
  4. barry

    barry Active Member

    Maurice thank you again, wasteful it maybe but i used your quick and dirty method and it worked.

    Everybody mentions print scaling but i can't find the button to do it, or does it only appear on the real acrobat not the freebie.

  5. Ron

    Ron Member

    pssssstttttt....whats this?
  6. cardfan

    cardfan Member

    A very well built bit of a model on top of a lighter. :) What do I win? :D

  7. Texman

    Texman Guest

    Dried and packaged botanical substance combustion initiator.
  8. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    You might check and see if there are any printshops in your area. If there are, you can probably get them to cut you some legal size cover stock (about 65 lb cardstock). It may cost a bit more than a ream of Wausau, but is still real cheap compared to hobbies such as skiing.
  9. ButchPrice

    ButchPrice Member

    Yeah right

    What country are you in shrike?
    I have searched far and wide here,
    (Indiana USA) and no one, I mean
    NO ONE admits to having or being able to
    get A4 cardstock, OR legal cardstock.

    I hear this "go get it at the office supply" all
    the time. They can't or won't provide it.

    It sure seems a lot more considerate to
    those of us whom have to live with US standards,
    (indifferent to if they are right or wrong),
    to make models available as
    BOTH A4 and 8 1/2 X 11.

    And please, don't go into the whole "The US
    is behind on standards" argument, as it is moot.
    WE cannot control that situation, we are just coping
    with it.
  10. cardfan

    cardfan Member


    Check in your local area for a paper supply store. Look for Kelly Paper or perhaps Xpedex. That is where all of the printers and copy houses buy their paper. You might have to ask but they should have what you want. Just be careful, they have some really cool stuff in there. My wife won't let me go back alone. :( Or to Home Depot for that matter...

  11. Gecko23

    Gecko23 Member

    Well, FWIW, I'm in Ohio, and both the local staples and walmart carry legal size 67lb and 110lb cardstock. (Hammermill) Well, its actually 11x17, but easy enough to cut down to fit through a smaller printer.

    Its over by the specialty papers.

    I ran into dumb stares when I said 'A4', they got helpful when I said 'large'. :)
  12. shrike

    shrike Guest


    I'm in Arizona, and I haven't had any major problems. Check the yellow pages under 'paper suppliers wholesale' if you don't have any luck with office supply. The local Kelly Paper even had A4photo paper in stock

    Most any printshop will cut paper to A4 for you as well, but I prefer using legal as it leaves a little more fudge room and I don't have a disaster if I accidentally print a letter sized page on it.
  13. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    I would have thought there was an obvious marketing opportunity for some enlightened soul, selling A4 paper and card stock in the Land of Free Enterprise....

    Pity I live in the Old Country!

    Tim P
  14. cardfan

    cardfan Member

    The truly funny part is that in a commercial for one of the local office giants a woman asks for A4 paper. The ever helpful clerk points her right to it. If one goes in and does the same all you get is a blank stare... :lol:

  15. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    I don't know which is worse, a blank stare, or the reply 'Why don't you lot listen, you're the fourteenth person asking for that stuff today! We don't stock it 'cos there is no demand!'

    We get the same nonsense in our Halfords auto parts chain. They sell the best plastic primer paint ever made in aerosol form, but they never have enough. All the plastic modellers clean them out the minute the stuff is on the shelf. No-one there is bright enough to notice the shelf slot is permenantly empty. No doubt their perfect computer stock control system tells them they sell 12 tins a month, so that is what they order.

    And try to order a case-load from them. Oh dear....

    Tim P
  16. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    Okay...let me jump in here for input. I went looking for cardstock myself in A4 size (that is the size just slightly bigger than the US's letter, right?) and couldn't find any. Then I remembered a post from here a while back. I believe it came from Rick, but no matter, what it said was simple. Go to any art store...locate the drawing pad section...look through the available pads for the right size...normally 9 x 12 inches. Now, since we are all paper modelers, we have straight edges and knives, so it was a simple matter of cutting the width down to size to fit in my printer and I just print away on the 12 inch length. I found the drawing pad paper in a variety of weights and most in a nice brilliant white color. Seems to work well on my Epson printer. 8v) However, I did find out I just don't like the size of the model that is printed out so now I just resize to my favorite scale (1:100) and go from there. Hope this helps some of the newcomers to this strange and wacky hobby of ours 8v)
  17. Maurice

    Maurice Member


    "Expedient" please, not "dirty".
    Should have known you'd go that way even though you were supposed to struggle for hours with your printer settings and then get even more totally frustrated using the "not so quick and quite messy" method.

    I think the scaling mentioned is just the fit to page option that appears with the print menu but that's the extent of my knowledge of adobe programmes, any scaling I do is after extraction to other formats.

  18. barry

    barry Active Member


    Sackcloth and ashes but I knew would come up with the right word somehow.

    I gave up messing about with printer settings years ago either it prints or you get around it that of course requires friends with brains.

  19. FredZ KSAC

    FredZ KSAC Member

    Avia B-534 New Release!

    Hi, all. Just noticed that the Luftwaffe B-534 glider tug version is now available for download. It is in .rar format but file #1 is an .exe file that extracts all the other files. The picture shows winter white finish but the model is in standard Luftwaffe Dark Green/Black Green splinter finish. Now the question is which one to build first??
    Have a great day.
  20. Texman

    Texman Guest

    Not a problem. First, cut out all your parts. Then glue something
    together. While that part is drying, glue the parts from another
    one together. While that part is drying.....see the pattern?

    This way, you can have 3 or 4 models being built at the same
    time! No problem deciding now!


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