Avia B-534 Luftwaffe model

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by sdr mike, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. sdr mike

    sdr mike New Member

    Well here it is as good as finished!!! All that is left to do is a slight paint touch up on the struts where the rigging is attached.

    I know this model is no longer available from Ripper as a general download,but I do believe he may consider requests for it-see my previous thread for details from him.

    Whilst I am talking about Ripper,I must give him a heartfelt thank-you for his help and for making these excellent models available when they were.

    Below are the pictures of my model,hope you like them,




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  2. jasco

    jasco Member

    Very nice build! I see the photos are named "resized". does that mean the photo was resized or the airplane? Keep them coming!
  3. sdr mike

    sdr mike New Member

    Re photo

    It was the pictures which were resized although I had thought about resizing the model in as much as using an A3 printer to effectively double the size (I think that would be the outcome !!) of the model,although that would probably mean using lots more formers!!!
    Glad you like the model,

  4. jasco

    jasco Member

    I liked it so much, in fact, I started my own version last night while waiting for the topcoat on my Delta II to dry. I hope I get it done, since I have come down with AOADD.(Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder) Every time I see a pretty airplane, I have to have one of my own!
  5. sdr mike

    sdr mike New Member

    Yes,it was a pleasure to build and I will probably try to make one of the other variants some time in the future.I hope you enjoy making this one as much as I did.

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