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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by TonyG2, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. TonyG2

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    Nothing to do with UHU 02 models. I refer to the adhesive, Uhu.

    Although I normally use a white glue (elmers or similar) for most asembly, I have used Uhu to add reinforcement.

    In particular, its good to use as a type of filler. Basically, pour in some Uhu into a modular section of a build and add any small card off cuts to the mix. This forms a tough matrix when it sets, making for a solid structure that is less susceptable to accidentaly being collapsed by the ham fisted (like me).

    I used to be able to get bulk containers from my local hobby supply store and from a stationary supply shop. They have both stopped stocking it and only sell smaller tubes. Indeed they are switching to the useless non-solvent based version of Uhu as well.

    Anyone know of a UK stockist for the solvent based bulk pack?
  2. Zathros

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    Wow, that's horrid!! I hope it's not a trend. I use UHU glue a lot also!

    I'm in the states so can e of no help, sorry! :)
  3. TonyG2

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    Yes its annoying. It doesn't seem to be confined to my local area. I try other stores when I have the chance and they all say they don't stock it in the larger bottles anymore. I suspect they get a better profit margin on the small tubes plus the nanny state Britain attitude is to get rid of anthing that might be misused. Maybe they think a bulk pack of Uhu encourages glue sniffing or something......
  4. Psyscape

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    Likewise I haven't been able to find a decent supplier for quite some time. Almost all my local stores now stock either the sticks or non-solvent odour free 'elf 'n' safety friendly stuff that is about as useless as squirrel turds for sticking anything.

    As a result I've switched to No More Nails for general fixative (black bottle stuff from a local hard ware store.) For precision application though one needs either toothpicks, cocktail sticks or a syringe. The glue is water based but it grabs well, dries quick and is strong. It's not very cheap though. I can't comment about discolouration as I've not been card modelling for long, so no long term experience on this one.

    For work that requires a longer time for manipulation I use Humbrol Contacta (tubes purchased in bulk from Amazon) for some work. It's a gel and works surprisingly well on card models although it is a tad aromatic, so airy space required. Also the grab/drying time is a little extended so requires clamping and patience, but it's a decent strong grip once dry and quite rigid.

    And for those moments when I really need a 'glob' of goo I have a Dremel hot melt gun or two hanging around. It's only needed rarely, but it does the trick very nicely although in large lumps the result is somewhat erm, rubbery.

    Aside from Bostik All Purpose (I can only find small tubes of this stuff) I've not really found an alternative to UHU, and it's sad that it's disappearing from the market.

    Mind it's not just UHU, for whatever stupid reason Germolene is no longer available in tins, no longer smells and is available in slimy white because people don't seem to like thick pink antiseptic creams. *sigh* Progress isn't always improvement.

    I have a list of things that are no longer available. I drag it out once in a while when I feel like whining. I'll resist the temptation for now. ;)
  5. Zathros

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    @Psyscape, Sounds like the beginning of a "Seinfeld" sketch! :)
  6. This sounds likes a business opportunity for an enterprising UK retailer (or eBayer?).
  7. Zathros

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    "eBayer", for the "eHeadache". I guess the main question is if any of this new stuff will get you high or not. We all know why we're into this Hobby!!!

    I sometimes wonder if that isn't what these people think with some of the reasons as to why they don't carry larger amounts. When I was a kid, I could rarely get Testor's glue, it made building plastic models nearly impossible!

    It was one of the factors that turned me towards paper when I was very young. They had no trouble selling me blades, and scissors and knives, but no tubes of glue?
  8. I hope I haven't caused too many headaches in 7 years of selling on eBay, but I guess I know what you mean. I was a kid in golden age of model building before the glues received a bad reputation because of a few dimwitted kids doing "gluesniffing". Nobody cared what kids played with I was kiddo.
  9. Zathros

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    When I was a kid, if the ladder from your toy fire truck almost severed your finger, you learned really quick not to stick you finger into sharp things that resembled guillotines!:thumb:

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