Autumn on the Rails

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    Since brakie did a summer retrospective I thought I'd continue the theme. Enjoy!


    An eastbound Norfolk Southern stack train blasts past Worthington Steel's switcher near Delta, Ohio on September 19th. There is a third track that allows for interplant moves between Worthington and neighboring North Star / BHP Steel.


    The Adrian & Blissfield's equipment rests between runs in Blissfield on September 20th. This southern Michigan shortline operates freight and dinner train service on a former New York Central line.


    A westbound brings 'em on through Oak Harbor on October 7th. Oak Harbor is -- you guessed it -- two-hundred-sixty-six miles from Buffalo on Norfolk Southern's former Conrail "Chicago Line." The elevated line is the original NS route through town, the Toledo District.


    A southbound K185 hustles taconite pellets through Deshler on October 21st. This train normally rates a pair of CSX's AC44s so some variety was welcomed on this day.


    "What do you mean air conditioning is optional?" A westbound Norfolk Southern freight cruises through Fostoria on September 25th. The train over the former C&O diamond and is about to hit the former B&O diamond.


    Indiana Northeastern's 1601 shoves emptys into the siding in Edon for loading later in the week. This former Wabash line makes up the bottom of the INER's Z-shaped system.

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    Great pics Brian!

  3. viperman

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    Nice post, those are some nice pics there!
  4. abutt

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    Excellent photography Brian. I'd appreciate some photo details, ie. type of camera,etc.

    You obviously know your stuff. Would certainly not classify you as an amateur. Exposures are perfect!
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    Beautiful pics of some hardworking thoroughbreds!
  6. brakie

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    Brian Great pictures!
    Are those New Hampshire Northeast Geeps across from the 1752?
  7. railohio

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    Thanks for the comments, gentlemen!

    Allan: It's not about the camera. Any photographer worth his salt should be able to make a photo with any equipment. That said, I shoot a Nikon N80 and FE with MD-12 motor drive and seven Nikon lenses. I use primarily Fuji Provia 100F and occasionally Provia 400F or Astia 100F if the situation warrants it. All my shots were scanned with a Konica-Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV and processed with Photoshop Elements 2.0. Good enough? :D

    Larry: The Adrian & Blissfield has four total ex-New Hampshire Northcoast units. I don't know the numbers of them all but I can dig through my slides or make a call if I have to.

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