auto crossing gates??? yeah or neah

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by hooknlad, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Question: Im taking a poll - do the bachman automatic crossing gated worth the trouble, or do they caude too many derailments / mishaps? I relealize the y sell alot of these - but i have hear of horror stories about them - any comments? If they do work - i wanna modify them a bit if they do work. Thanx for your input again all.
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    Well, I have 3 of them on the layout Im building for my son. Its not through yet, but Ive hooked up some temporary lines to keep him entertained and they did OK. Naturally, theyre his very favorite part so far, whether the trains rolling or not...when he wakes up every morning, thats what he wants to see---the crossing, the crossing lol. Ive thought about modifying at least one of them also, or else creating one thatll operate for multiple tracks that are close together.
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    Its always more realistic ti buy seperate crossing gate and grade crossing flashers. Bachmann's product is designed to be a cheap accessory to the kind of layout a kid would have on his floor. If you want to make a real grade crossing, go buy kits and such. they have actual working flashers, and gates, that work more realisticly once you put in detection devices. The bachmann one probably depresseses (aka runs over) a "button" that sits in the middle of the track, that moves some gears ( no motors in there whatsoever). the wheel flanges get caught on this, and that causes lots of trouble.

    In the end, its much more realistic, and better operations wise to invest in a kit like those from NJ international, and buy whatever detection unit you want for it. That way the lights will flash, the gate will lower as the train approaches, not when it hits the crossing, and most importantly, you can position the crossbucks and gate anywhere you like, adding flexibility.
  4. like green stated they are for kids trains that can be ran on the floor and i also have tried them none too pleased with proformance. i tried many diffrent ideas untill i saw tomars new crossing set up i now have t sets installed on the layout so far the look so darn real. on the other hand still waiting on the circut board part of it.

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