Attila the Hun

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    Meet "Attila the Hun". the first model for a game of skittles (think 10 pin bowling with 9 pins) that is currently under construction.

    "Tyrants of History Skittles Set" has some of history's bad boys for you to bowl over.

    Attila stands at 15cm (6 inches) tall and can be scaled larger or smaller depending upon your personal requirements.

    This build of Attila is a public BETA build.

    Note: The construction pages are still under development.. My prowess with a digital camera is something to be desired. And my techical drawing skills failed when I was at high school

    The archive contains 6 jpg pages rendered at 300dpi. Two are the title and picture gallery which need not be printed out. The other four are the main construction pages. There are TWO head and hair pages. One contains the hair colored grey, the other is non-colored to show the lines clearer. The hair construction has undergone several changes and any feedback on making it simpler is welcome.

    If possible please register at DC3D official forum and leave feedback there. The reason for this is so I can keep the comments together and use them to make this and models better. Please be constructive rather than "that sucks!" etc, as I want to know what sucks, and how I can fix/improve it.

    Forum feedback:;action=display;threadid=89

    FREE download:


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Col.

    Neat looking model, I think this particular style model (similar to the christmas time "nutcrackers") are cool.
    Speaking of which, might I suggest a model of a "nutcracker", ppl all over the world are familiar with these. You seem to have the basic "style" for a nutcracker type model.
    But I like this model and will be downloading it shortly after completing this posting.

    Have a good day and keep em' coming,

    Greg aka GW

  3. Getter1

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    That's pretty cool. Are you gonna do Saddam Hussein?
  4. Colonel_Klink

    Colonel_Klink New Member

    For now only dead tyrants..

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