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    Based on the 50s serial - and NOT created by Martin Saenger, @Rhaven Blaack or me - but by our new member @Zubie !!! :Drinks::Drinks::Drinks:

    OK, the post was made three years ago but it eluded me somehow. Today I found it and do not want to hesitate to share it with you.

    One thing I like most about this papercraft is that it was made in the classic BSG colours (light grey and red / orange stripes). Cool and VERY WELL DONE! :Bravo:

    In addition, the blog is really neat and has some interesting topics, the posts are really good reads. @Zubie , great to have you aboard and thank you for ANOTHER BUCK MODEL! :) :King:

    Have fun and enjoy! :)
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    Holy Chit man!! Great find!!! :)
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    This is one of the first models I ever built. It's a great little retro design and easy to do. 8574065383_74d76dcc75_o.jpg
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    Excellent build!I think I'm gonna make it, too! :)
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    Thanks. It was a workshop kit designed for very quick builds, so I kept it as simple as possible. I recently rebuilt it and decided that it could use some mods on the tab placement, a bit of a change to the build steps, and opening up the fuselage a bit (and needless to say after all the work on the current narcissus instructions...fix the instructions)

    Alas the original files are on a semi dead mac so I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet, maybe this will be an incentive. It has a lot of in progress stuff on it including a "Just Imagine" rocket which I managed to sell at Arisia, so this is the only pic in existence
    [​IMG] (mostly paper, just a tiny bit of balsa)
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    Hey, post that, I'd love to work on it, if you didn't mind. :)
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    has anyone done a model of the Draconian Marauder aka the Hatchet fighter?
    I always thought that it was the most sinister looking "Bad Guy" fighter ever.

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    great find! off the topic, but doesn't that BEBOP DRONE up there in the banner look like chitty chitty bang bang?
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    No. I'd love to see one though. It's on my todo list but I have no time to tackle it in the near future. IF someone is doing this he / she should start from scratch and use all pictures from the original model he / she can find.

    Here are some blueprints:

    The pictures should be suitable for making a model (but again please cross-check them with the real thing first; and do not buy the blueprints because they are not authorized; use the preview pics only ;) ).

    A shot of the Monogram model kit instruction page is available here:

    Caution: There is a SketchUp model in the SketchUp Warehouse. It is NOT correct. It looks like the Marauder but on closer inspection you see many flaws and inaccuracies. So PLEASE do not use that model as a base or for unfolding.
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    Oh, would be a real fine fighter.
  12. zathros

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    I'm glad you guys like that model, but it really just doesn't cut it for me. Looks too high on the side views, as a viable fighting craft. Easy to shoot, wide profiles everywhere. IMHO, which, in reality, means nothing! :)
  13. Zubie

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  14. zathros

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    Lots of work for a model I don't think many want. I find it fugly, and honestly, too many concepts that would not work in an atmosphere, and aren't needed in space? It looks even sillier when you look at the Blueprints Revell-Fan linked too! You guys should do a poll. I won't vote in it, my sentiments are already expressed, no need to count me. Who's planning to design this?
  15. mcusanelli

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    The monogram Marauder is a pretty good starting point for a decent model...I'm actually working on one now, detailing the surface, and correcting a couple of flaws that were obvious after looking at the Hartland pics. The first thing is the simplified fins on the wingtip pods. Not enough of them. A bunch of little surface details are missing, very easily corrected. And the cockpit pod I think isn't chunky enough, and the windows are way too big. It seems that Monogram set a certain budget for this kit, with the aim of keeping the parts count down, and the mold cost to a minimum. The Starfighter is considerably more accurate, the only area suffering from being simplified is the one piece cockpit tub, with just about no detail.(If they ever re-release this one, I'll buy 10! My favorite spaceship of all time)Having said that, I've grown to like the Marauder, and I'll post pics when it's done. Oh, also, there are a couple of small fins on the nose area that aren't present on the Monogram kit as well, and the section that runs along the sides forward of the cockpit should be fins instead of laying down flat. Hope this helps!
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    I would use it as a base.

    GREAT!!! As I told you, if I had the time, I would swing into action immediately. The Monogram Buck Rogers models are the only ones which I am still missing in my collection. I had the chance to get a complete boxed kit on ebay for 25 $ (!) but I placed my bid too early... I was beaten in the last three seconds of the auction. :( Well, that was my first try on ebay, and you live and learn. My next catch was far more successful: The Moebius Pegasus for half the retail price (because the guy who started the auction used a wrong title and called it "Battlestar Galactica model kit" :) ).

    Well, the moment Hartland put it on the big screen it became part of the Buck lore. And since there are not many models available from the show, you take what you can get.

    Yep, agreed. But that's late 70s SciFi..! ;) The main reason behind the design is they wanted to mimick the style of the original adversaries. In the comics the enemies were Mongolians. If you look carefully at the design elements of the Draconians you will notice several styles which were taken from Mongolian culture and translated to the space age, such as the folded helmets, uniforms and belt buckle symbols. The base colour was a desert tone with a touch of orange / red which too would fit well in that scheme.

    BTW, there are a few ships in the show which I ... well, I don't wanna say, do not like, but which are of lesser importance to me. The Draconia is one of them. It took alot of time for me to get accustomed to her. I thought it looked somewhat misplaced in the movie. She did not look bad to me but the design was so strange that I was unable to understand it. However, when I learned the back story about the ship later (design background and modeling background) I was fairly impressed and thought, well, let's see her from a different perspective. That worked. But she is too complex for being put on my list. Despite all efforts she still looks too bulky. (To all those interested: Do NOT use the model in the SketchUp Warehouse; it is totally wrong.)


    The models which are on my list are:

    The Scorpion Fighter


    the Cargo Sled (I have already made some preliminary line drawings)


    the Raven (THAT IS ONE COOL SHIP!)


    Theta Station


    the Learian Queen / Searcher (again: SketchUp Warehouse model = NONO)


    Please note that you are free to start one of these first. I'd be more than happy to see one of them come to life and would help wherever I can. ;)

    As I said, on my list but no time to do it now..! :)
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    Ahem, there are THESE ones out there:
  18. mcusanelli

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    You know I love those models, I've built a bunch of them! But the Starfighter is the one kit above all from 'back in the day' I remember most wanting, and waiting what seemed like forever for Monogram to release it. The one I have is the second one I built, and the oldest model in my collection, finished around '83, and restored a few years ago. I'd love to build a few more ! And that includes the paper ones too!
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    I know what you mean..! :)
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    Excellent thread! :)

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