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    What is the best way to attach string to paper and make it stay taught. When making some of the wwII planes there is the thin line that goes from the canopy (or antenna thing) to the tail. I find that when using white glue it just doesn't want to stay tight for me - even just a bit of sag makes it look not very good to me. I am also thinking ahead because I eventually hope to do a biplane and those have just a bit of those guy wires (not sure of terminology) and ships have lots of these too so there must be some kind of technique for it. Eventually I just decided to leave these off but it wouldn't be too hard to go back and add them (I think) Would CA be a better option maybe? To this point I did it mostly at work so CA was not an option due to odor (I do tech support and had free time between calls) But I am getting a new job and it will have to stop so I plan on setting up a small space at home so it may become an option.

    Thanks for being patient with my questions!
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    I try two things:

    1) hang a length of string from the ceiling with a weight at the end. Rub elmers glue into it between two fingers. several coats. this will make the string stiff and not sag as much, but still be pliable.

    2) I ask my son's orthodontist for the wire for the teeth. it comes in various thickness' all in 6" lengths perectly straight. Great stuff.
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    Excellent! Thanks much :)

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy all,

    well, I do things abit different. I guess its a throw back from my plastic model building, but I use monofiliment fishing line.
    glue the first end of the line to the model, then measure out the length needed and trim to about 1/8" in longer. Attach second end to model pulling the line as tight as you can and it still glue in place. (there may be some sag but thats to be expected). Then when the glue is dry, use a lit cigarette or a cigarette lighter (from a distance and slowly heat the fishing line, thereby causing it to shrink and thus tighten between the two glued points. allow a few seconds to cool and re heat as needed to tighten more. Once the line has cooled, use a magic marker or paint to color the line as desired.
    This method really provides taught "guy wires" or railings or the old "cable antenna used on biplanes and wwII aircraft.
    You can get monofiliment line in varying thicknesses to fit whatever the need.

    Hope this helps, have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
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    What do you use to glue the monofiliment?

    What kind of glue do you use ? Because I think the standard glue don't glue the monofiliment.


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    I use cyno acrylate esther also known as "super glue". my favorite brand is "LOC TITE" which is a commercial grade "super glue" used in manufacturing, but standard over the counter super glue works equally as well. Another tip, to help super glue set up faster, you can purchase a "catalyst" for super glue, however I use the heat and smoke from a lit cigarette to achieve the same results. (drying the glue quickly). Then the same cigarette is used to make the monofiliment "taught" by gently heating the line.

    Hope this helps, have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
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    I'm still set on EZline. Sold as telephone line for model railroads. A quick google search will find a couple of retailers.
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    It doesn't - the catalyst for super glue is water vapour. You'd be better off just breathing on the glued joint. The cigarette works only by being a water vapour source from the burning reactions.


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    And if you need to put wires on the wings here is my technique :

    use a pin to make a tiny hole, apply a buble of glue to the end of the string and introduce it with the pin in the hole:-D
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