Atlas V 551 Juno launch 1/200

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  1. At the moment I am working on Yogi's Juno probe for which I made an extra detail kit. it is a slow job, because I want to make it good.
    But watching Juno's launch yesterday I got that itch to do a quick inbetweenie. Staying on topic, i wanted to do that impressive Atlas V 551 that launched Juno.

    I have a couple of sheets of copper coloured (maybe is bronze a better name?) paper and I thought it would be spot on for an Atlas core.

    I frosted the upper part of the core stage with flat white paint (Tamiya XF-2)
    and also added tiny cuttings of paper and some plaster powder to the still wet paint to make it more like ice falling off.

    Well, this is the result of six hours of work.
  2. ovation

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    Thats nice :thumb:

    Im currently making the Juno probe too,got the main bus just about finished,but .. yep a brake is a good thing after staring at little "boxes" for 4 hours :mrgreen:

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    Are you going to release the extra revision? Or is yogi doing it also???
    Incredible model...
  4. Thanks for the kind words.
    The detail kit I designed will be up for download at Jonathan Leslies site. Yogi also has his model there, i thought it would be the best place. And he knows of it, of course. I first want to have finished the model before releasing it, consider it a testbuild of some sort. I think it'll be in about a week or two.
    A couple of pictures of what I have done with Juno are seen at the neighbours' site and at my own site.

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