Atlas Turntable problems

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by CN_Pete, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. CN_Pete

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    I just recently installed an Atlas Turntable to my layout, which I have been working on for 1 year. I just finished all the wiring for the turntable and installed 20 locations. Upon testing it I have found that the power to the turntable rails does not always work properly. I have tried everything and the only solution I can find is to remove the turntable and replace it. I do not have a problem in redoing this but I do not want the same thing to happen.

    Any suggestions
  2. belg

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    Pete if I remember correctly atlas turntables have the two contact pads under neath for the rails, make sure that there is no foreign material under the turntable and with a meter check that the voltage is correct to the contact points. Check also that the spacing is correct that the part on the table its self is hitting the pads on the base. hope this is of some help Pat
  3. CN_Pete

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    Thanks for the reply, I'll have one more look before i take it all apart.


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