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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by patgin, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. patgin

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    I am building my layout and planning to include an Atlas Turntable but I will only install it later this year. I would like to cut the plywood now to avoid any dust or particles to go on the surrounding area that will already done (with ballast, sand etc...). I know that the turntable is 7.5 inches diameter but do I need a 7.5 inches hole or bigger/smaller?
    Could someone give the exact diameter of the hole that I will need to put the turntable?
    Thanks to everyone
  2. steamhead

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    Hi....Atlas turntables, as far as I know, are surface mounted. You don't need to cut out a hole for them, unless you've modified the turntable in some way.

    Good luck..!!
  3. Nomad

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    Atlas tt's are surface mounted. I tried cutting my table and recessing the turntable but I could never get the height of the turntable even with the track on the table. And then you also have to cut out where the little building is for the drive mechanism.

  4. patgin

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    So th tracks with corcl trackbed should be as the same height of the table? If I decide to add the motorized unit will I have to drill some hole?

    If someone could post some picture of the Atlas turntable (not the one on the box) it could be nice
  5. steamhead

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    Hi...The Atlas TT I have was modified by setting a bridge on top of the table, so I could "sink" it and have a more prototypical look. So no picture...

    The tracks on cork roadbed should come up even with the track on the TT. You might have to sand or shim the roadbed to get a good even match.

    The only holes you'll have to drill are for the wiring to the motor & track.
  6. patgin

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    Great. Thanks a lot.
    Is the small motor that we could buy work well with the Atlas TT ?
  7. steamhead

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    Hi. If you have the manual version of the TT, Atlas sells a motor unit you can fit by removing the existing handle and mount the motor unit right where the handle was. Check out Walthers, I'm sure they stock this.
    Good luck..!!

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