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    I just answered a question on another forum about being able to throw an Atlas turnout from the "other" side with a standard Atlas machine. Thought I'd mention it here too, and add a pic. I've been adding to the western end of my road, into west end staging. Since the throat for the staging yard will be hidden behind a wall, I decided to use inexpensive Atlas turnouts and machines. However, they are made to have the machine clip on to the straight side of the turnout, and with the arraingement I had in mind, the machines fouled the track. I needed to move the machine to the otehr side. It turns out it is easy to unclip the throwbar and turn it 180 degrees and remount, but the indents on the ties for clipping the machine to the turnout are not present on the curved side of the turnout. So I found where the machine should be positioned to throw the points correctly and simply epoxied them in place. The turnout on the right in the photo is mounted this way. Works great!


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    Gary -

    That's a great tip - I found this out almost by accident myself. It is also possible to mount the switch maching under the track as well. You can get a replacement part for the machine itself to make it an "undertable" machine.


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