Atlas Tower

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    :cool: Hi all, this is one of my all time favorite kits as I think it is by many. I have bought many in HO and N scale. I try to do each one just a little different to keep inline with the area being modeled, giveing it the "it belongs there" look. I still use my road colors of pullman green and reefer yellow for my look. I spray the brick and wood with railbrown and give everything a light gray wash to make it look as though it had a fresh paint job in the last three or so years. I then use 500 grit sandpaper over the brick just to get some of the redish brick to show through. I added a different roof and base to get the look effect I wanted. I added a coal bin, Lamp post, dead oak that dosen't give much shade anymore but dose give a grea rousting place for peigons. On the one side of the roof I added a dorm just for more effect as well as vents, chemmney and radio antenna. These things to me are like eating potato chips, ya can't eat just one! I would like to see what you have done with Your Atlas Signal Towers. Thanks, Jim




    Whatcha think :D
  2. Matthyro

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    That's neat Jim. The details sure add to the realism.
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    Very nice. I just built one of those for my circa 1890 N.Y.& N.E. I didn't do any kitbashing, but I did paint it with traditional New England colors - white window trim, dark red bricks, blue-gray walls. It's a super model and easy as pie to assemble.
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    Nice work. You've inspired me to put one on my little layout!

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