atlas switches and power loss to locos

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by cpr_boy, Oct 4, 2005.

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    In several places on my layout, I have 2 atlas switches in a row. Lately, I've been experience a power loss in my all my locomotives when they go over the turnouts. I'm using Altas #6 switches. I think the problem occurs when both sets of wheels are over the frogs of the switches. I've cleaned the track and loco wheels and still have problems. It's extremely frustratign

    I hope I've adequately described the problem. Is there some way to correct the problem, besides ripping the switches out and replacing them?

    Thanks in advance
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    How long are the insulated bits of the frog comapred to your trucks? If the plastic bits are shorter than the wheelbase, you may be getting liftup. This requires delicate surgery on the floor of the frog.
    Is it a short? Sometimes you can get wheel treads contacting the other rail; Peco points can do this.
    Solution may be (unfortunately) to replace at least one frog (turnout) with all-metal one.
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    I am using Atlas Custom Line code 83 turnouts. I have found the same thing on one or two. Where the moving points make contact with the rest of the switch there is a flat pice of metal for continuety. I put the smallest amount of solder on the stationary rail to the flat metal pice. Don't solder the moveing pice! I that is too radical try bending the flat pice to make a better contact. :eek:

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