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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by alcuin, Feb 24, 2008.

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    They're huge, they're unrealistic, and they're downright ugly. But dammit, those Atlas remote turnouts are easy to work with.

    In planning my new layout, I've been going back and forth on whether to use them or go the more "realistic" route, using either under-table switch machines or ground throws. Against ground throws, I hate having to constantly reach into my layout, and I also don't like having to install them. They're fidgety. And under-the-table machines? Ack. I don't feel like having to excavate 2+ inches of styrofoam to install these things. And if they burn out, even less do I feel like having to dig it all up to replace them. I was thinking of trying Peco turnouts, but they're expensive and their geometry doesn't exactly line up with Atlas sectional track.

    So, I'm curious, is there anyone else who uses Atlas turnouts with those big ol' switch machines? If so, what method do you use (if any) to camouflage them? I'm thinking of just painting mine grey so they sort of blend in with the ballast.

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    I just use them as they are. Like you said, they're easy to work with and very reliable. I have a second layout that I'm working on now that'll be more refined to scale with code 55 and 40 track that will, obviously, not have them. But for ease of use they can't be beat if you're not into contest modeling.
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    Same as railohio here, I use them the way they are . But as every modeler is always planning his/her next layout, my next one will use Peco flextracks and turnouts.


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