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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Freelancer, Nov 6, 2002.

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    Hi Freelancer. i used over 50 atlas under the table switches. My power supply was the AC of a 2400 throttle pack. Nothing fancy. My switch wiring ran all into one board. i had a few problems with individual switches, usually the track was fastened a little too tight on the cork road bed. Sometimes a little ballist would get caught in the slider bar opening. Never had an electrical problem unless i wired the switch wrong. That happened sometimes. if the switch machine is not set just right under the table u can have a problem with the throw. i used a 1/2" x 1/4" hole most of the time. Electrical power shouldn't be a problem mostly the switch machines are the problem and how they are fastened. Hope u solve it and let us know what the problem was.
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    I may have got the switch to work. I haven't had enough time to get it completely finished, but it appears that it may work. I changed the wire that I was using, which I guess it is getting better conductiveness or whatever. I had no idea that it would effect it that much. I also found that the wood I was attaching it too was quite flimsy and it bent in a way that when it was screwed on it peaked and put pressure on the center of the switch, which was enough to keep it from moving itself, and also in a place that I couldn't really see. My frustration in the matter didn't help either, and I reallized that the switch wasn't as strong as my weak little push of the lever, which was ever so slightly small, but still I really didn't notice. I will have to update you guys as soon as I get all of the switches in and running. Thanks for all of your help. And thanks Tom for the diagram for the capacitor, I have a good feeling that I will be needing that in the near future.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that one. The smaller the wire, the higher the resistance, especially to DC...
    Sorry about that...:D

    Tom F
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    I've also had trouble with switch machines (other than Atlas) that didn't work when screwed down tight, but ran when I loosened the screws a bit.
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    Thats good that your on your way. Yeah the best method to fix a wiring problem or switch machine is lots & lots of patience and to keep trying a new adjustment. Eventually the problem will get fixed, and sometimes u won't even know how u fixed the problem because it is working and u don't dare frig with it. Something like my puter.
    Guage of wire for switch machines shouldn't matter if u are using the same guage that comes with the switches and your length is under 16' approximately. i prefer a bus system so my feeder wires are not too long, only a couple of feet at the most. My bus wire is 14ga(house wire) and my feeders are 20ga. Sometimes when working on the engines i've used 24 and 26ga wire for pickups and lights. By the book, usually 18ga and not less than 20ga for your feeders.

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