atlas standard manual left switch sticking

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  1. It works in one direction, but when I try to switch in the other direction the knob-lever will move, but the track won't switch. I can do it manually by using my finger to move the metal prongs after moving the lever and it will then move back. About 1/4 four times it will switch by moving the little knob-level

    Any advice on fixing this? WD40? Or would I better off buying a new switch. It was brand new.
  2. Nomad

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    Hello:wave:. Remove the turnout and see if it moves freely then. That will tell you if the turnout itself is sticking.
    I use Atlas turnouts and have had that problem to. 100% of the time it has been something under the turnout causing the problem. A sliver of wood, piece of roadbed, a bumb in the roadbed, something causing the throwbar to stick, even if it is in one direction only. Pull the turnout up, remove it and inspect the area underneath. Sand the area smooth and flat. If you glued the turnout down, some of the glue might be causing the turnout to stick. Careful inspection will show you where, and then you can carefully scrape the glue off and free it up. Some times I have freed up the turnout by using my fingers and keep moving the throwbar back and forth until it is ok.
    Good Luck.

  3. Biased turkey

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    Can't you remove the big black ( unrealistic ) switch machine ( I think you have to remove 2 black screws ) and see what happend ?
    At least you can conclude if it's the turnout itself or the switch machine that is defective.
    I only have remote turnouts, but I suppose the manual switch machine is similar.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I removed the switch from the layout and took off the unrealistic black cover of the switch mechanism. Man those screws are small. It appears that the plastic piece which lies under the rail and is connected to the prongs was not properly smooth. It appears that a little bit of plastic on the piece was catching underneath the rail. So I manually moved the plastic switch many times and fast and it appears that I "sanded" down the plastic enough to make the switch work.
  5. Biased turkey

    Biased turkey Active Member

    Yes, those black screws are very small. I'm glad to know that you fixed that problem.
    Another ( I hope ) satisfied customer.

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