Atlas qsi diesel board

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    Hi, i'am hoping somebody can help me with a bit of problem, I've swapped the qsi sound decoder out of an Atlas undec 8-40c and put it in my Atlas Santa fe 8-40cw. Everythings OK apart from the front 5 pin lighting plug, on the Undec model only pins 1 & 2 where wired up to the feadlight, but the Santa fe's got bulbs for the number board, headlight, and the 2 x ditch light.4 in total.
    I've had a testmeter on the pins and I can't figure out which bulb goes to which pin, only one of the pins is going 0 to 5 volts = ditch light. But which is the other. HELP please,
    Or does anyone know how I can get in touch with QSI Industries, I've tried ATLAS for a circuit diagram but they couldn't help.
    Many Thanks Ian.
    Attempting to model the BN/SF in Sunny England
  2. tapnshunt

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    It's OK, I've found its a small circuit board on one of the ditch light connection' s that I need.

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