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  1. :wave: i was wondering if any one has this system set up and in operation? if so do you have them intergrated as a functioning block system. as im looking into em and want to know what id need to make a block and is it worth the cash?
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    I know somebody who is working on a display for a LHS. Let me email him and see if he has any comments for you.
  3. thanks train nut
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    Atlas has a new system that will work for you. They make a N scale signal system. You will need a signal control board (SCB) a bolck detector board (BDB) and a signal target of your choice. These should be at your LHS. You can do a search at Atlas Model Railroad Co. to get more information. This is not cheap as you will need a (SCB) ,(BDB) and a signal head for each signal block that you want.
    The Atlas part# is 233 for the (BDB), #234 for the (SCB). The 234 is for HO scale, not sure of the number for the N scale version- got it for you, it is a #2234. Go to the Atlas site and search signal and you should find all the information that you want. You can see the pricing also.
    Hope that helps.

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