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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by JasonFM, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. JasonFM

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    I have an atlas N scale Gp-38 loco. when it goes over the insulated frogs on the turnouts from atlas it seems that their wheels are too wide and either get stuck or it will lift the engine off the track a little bit, then it might derail. BUT i have life like engines both used and dont know how old and they have no problems going over the turnouts, except the occasional little sputter due to atlas's or mayeb the build of the turnouts electric workings. Any suggestions, id hate to replace them cause its a pain BUT, if u have suggestions or even ways of modifying the turnouts either by hard wire or something PLEASE post. thanks a lot
  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Take a close look at the GP-38 going through the turnout and see if you can see what is causing the lift. It sounds like a guard rail problem to me. Sometimes the slot isint quite deep enough and can be deepened with a slim file. The width of the guard rail slot can be widened slightly too.
  3. ezdays

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    Have you checked the wheels and rails with an NMRA gage? If you don't have one, just about any hobby, train or on-line store has them, and they are only a few dollars. I think that would give you a clue as to what the difference is.
  4. JasonFM

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    ok well cause i was thinking that the wheel flange is too big, i could change the wheels or no i cant gears UGH. maybe ill just stay away from atlas products, i do like the life like engines better, they are have MUCH better pick up, this GP just like stops and goes in this one spot ive cleaned tests continuity, then ran my life likes, not a problem. oh hey can i have some suggestions for my layout, this is going to be the finished product but im trying to see what type i should do, coal, conrete, rock, i dunno take the photo and draw it up let me know.

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  5. ddavidv

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    Ironically, I've had more problems with my Life-Likes on turnouts than my (one) Atlas. :confused: But, it was a track problem, not a loco problem. Does it do this on every turnout or just one or two? I've got one bum turnout that just gives me fits in one direction only. Removing it and tossing it in the parts bin solved the problem. :D I don't recall the actual issue with it but I think the moveable portion of the trackage may have been off in height enough that even filing wouldn't fix it. For $10 or whatever they cost it wasn't worth messing with.

    For my new layout I intend to use Peco's. :thumb:
  6. Hoghead

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    I doubt it is that Atlas product that is the problem.

    Likelike and Botchmann have a long history of low end products.
  7. JasonFM

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    i dunno my life likes are MUCH better in pickup and continuity. and yes on every turn out ONLY with atlas engine

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