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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by New n-scaler, Jun 12, 2008.

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    I was wondering why at some of my atlas remote switches the engine drops power and stops? This only happens when the engines are moving slow. When the engines are moving faster they lose power but momentum (guess) carries them past this point. Makes for "jerky" operation. Is there any way to correct this problem?
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    Atlas switches have non-powered frogs, so the wheels would lose power going over it, however you should be able to pickup power from the other wheels. Is this a diesel or steam locomotive. If it is a diesel, put it on another section of track and pick up one set of trucks while leaving the other on the track. You should still have power, then reverse to see if the other picks up power. If not, the wheels could be dirty or an electrical pickup could be having a problem.

    If it is a steam engine, there is a possiblity that the engine is not long enough to reach over the switch.

    Basically, check the cleanliness of the wheels and the pick-ups, and the track. Hope this helps.
  3. New n-scaler

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    Thanks Jesso! Both diesel and steam. I will get to cleaning and checking straight away!
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    Welcome aboard!!!

    Theres a small mention of the electrical aspects of switches here:

    Track Tune Up 2

    At least it'll give you an idea of what Jesso is saying as fer as which frogs and turnouts should have power. You can short then to the outside rails at the center rifet (Where they pivot)

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