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  1. Hello everyone, this is going to be a dumb question, but here it goes...... i just got a really good deal on a Atlas MP15 with sound and all and its wearing the L&N here is the WOE... I model the AT&SF during the 1960 - 1970's. How can i justify buying this loco? i have been wanting one for a long time, i just couldnt find my road. should i do a patch job on this loco and if so, how would i go about it? I know Deano is the king of patch jobs, but is this option feasable or should i just strip it and re paint it completely? any and all input is welcome. thanks!:confused:
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  3. Yeh, me either, i may just leave it as it is or make it into a GATX or something. im kind of waiting on some more suggestions!:mrgreen:
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    Problem with doing it as a GATX locomotive is that that was "back to the future" in the sixties-seventies, leased units from private companies like GATX weren't around then, they are more a late 1980's and later deal.

    One idea - although it might be stretching it, since the MP-15 was built in the 70's so would be brand new in your time period - would be to say the L&N unit was bought second-hand by a local industry or shortline that connects to the Santa Fe. If you have a large industry like a cement plant, grain elevators, etc. they could well have their own switcher. Then leave the loco as is, or just do a simple patch job. Virnex makes decals in different colors and shapes (squares, rectangles etc.). Put say a black rectangle on the cab and letter a company or shortline name on it.
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    Our local railway (Ottawa Central) did this to a CP Rail unit I saw the other day. It looked as if someone had taken a paint roller and added an "O" in front of the "C", blacked out the "P", and left the rest of the paint job , inlcuding "Rail" intact.

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    There wasn't much lease power then, but there was some (I'm thinking of Relco's yellow HH-series).

    The MP15 would be new, as noted, so I wouldn't expect to see it second-hand. You could excuse it as, for example, a warranty protection unit which, because their order worked well, L&N didn't need and was then sold to another operator. This will require explanation if anyone asks about it, though!
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    Steve:wav: , you are kinda in a rock in a hard spot on this one:frowns: . i am pretty sure the MP series switchers come out in 1974:winki: . so everything that has already been mentioned holds true:frowns: . i guess it boils down to where do you draw the line. i can understand not wanting to paint the engine, as sometimes that a real pain in the...backside:119: .

    i just came to the conclusion that my modeling just wasn't going to be 100% accurate:oops: , i had to draw the line somewhere:winki: . do like i do, do as you like, and just say your layout is freelanced, with prototypical aspirations:thumb: . there are engines i love that UP just didn't have, so i am making them up as leased units:winki: , even though my current layout is based from '69-'79. it was hard for me to do this, so i know how you feel, but the line has to be drawn to do what you want to:thumb: .

    OR, patch them, look at BN, hardly anyone mentions all the roads they ate up:rolleyes: , and they patched units till they went black & green:winki: .

    just my thoughts, the choice is yours:winki: . good luck with however which way you decide to go:thumb: .

    P.S. hey, i darn sure wont call the modeling Police on ya:winki::119: .
    P.S.S. Here's a quote from George Sellios: "its your railroad, you run it the way you want to":winki: (that was taken from an Allen Keller DVD)

    :deano: -Deano
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    you can alywas say it is horsepower pay back for when the other railroad borrowed one of your road units for an extended period
    happens all the time
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    Like Deano says...You like the engine...You like the road...It's your RR...Just paint it in SF colors and be done with it..!!! For sure no one here will call the proto police on you...:mrgreen:
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    If you do, just please: Blue and yellow, not red and silver! If Santa Fe had any MP15s, that's what they would've been.
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    The Santa Fe stopped buying yard switchers very early on. I think they only bought sw and Alco s1-4 locos to tied them over until they got the f7's built and later the the gp7's and 9's became obsolete for road use and were relegated to local freight and yard work. Does the SP or the UP run anywhere near the area you are modeling? I'm not as familier with those 2 roads as I am with the Santa Fe, but I think both SP & UP bought Mp15's when they first came out. Maybe one of those roads could share a part of your Santa Fe right of way to reach a customer they service that is on or near the Santa Fe right of way.

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