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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by zachary, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. zachary

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    ok i was wondering how good this layout is and if it is can it be made in a 5x9 foot layout

    thanks zachary f
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    HO-30 is the quite well-known Morgan Valley. It was designed for a 4x6, so it can easily be built in 5x9. It is one of the best 4x6 plans that can be built with Atlas sectional track.

    The Morgan Valley is an excellent small switching layout, but uses 18" radius curves. The interior spurs actually use 15" radius curves. Only small locomotives and 40ft cars will work if built in the 4x6 space.

    Due to drawing errors on the original plan, the Atlas track pieces shown on the plan will not fit correctly or look like the plan if used as per the plan.

    Before you try scaling it up, are you going to use sectional track or flex track?

    If using sectional track, I would use redraw the plan using Atlas RTS software (free download). Substitute 22" radius pieces for 18" radius curves, and 18" radius curves for the 15" radius curves. Add additonal straights where needed. #4 turnouts and the wye are fine for 22" radius curves.

    If you are going to use flex track, you will probably want to use a different software package that offers more flexibility and other track libraries.

    my thoughts, your choices
  3. zachary

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    im going to use flex code 100 and number 6 turmots thanks zachary f

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