atlas ho ditch light dash 8-40bw ?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by metalfrog, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. metalfrog

    metalfrog New Member

    have several of their diesel's loco's and the newest one as mentioned in the title has ditch light's but of course they don't light up.just wonder why atlas didn't use working light's on this particulr model? has anyone ever put working ditch light's on this particular model.thank's in advance.terry........
  2. IAIS 604

    IAIS 604 Member

    Strange - my SF Dash 8-40BW (Atlas Silver) has working ditch lights (although they are too blue for me - must tone them down someday).
  3. metalfrog

    metalfrog New Member

    thanks george.mine is a silver series also.i'll have to take off the shell and have a look.the front headlight as well as the rear do work however.terry.......
  4. IAIS 604

    IAIS 604 Member

    Terry -

    I looked at the Atlas web site:

    There were three releases of the Dash 8-40BWs.

    The first release, in May 2001, only had simulated ditch lights (SF/BNSF).

    Only the next two releases had working ditch lights (June '03 - BNSF, SF; Aug '04 - SF).

    My loco is from the last batch.

    Hope that helps.
  5. metalfrog

    metalfrog New Member

    george i sure do thank you for that info.i looked on the atlas site but couldn't find any info.thanks for the link.i also e-mailed atlas the other going to try and find some from the last batch and get at least two more of them.terry....

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