Atlas HO custom-line turnout wiring help

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by ExtremePCs, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. ExtremePCs

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    Hi all,
    I'm in the process of wiring my layout and I need some direction on wiring my Atlas custom line turnouts (HO, code 83). I will be using DCC (digitrax Zepher or Empire) and Tortoise switch machines.

    Does anyone have a schematic showing where I need to solder wires? I plan on having a control panel with switch position indicator LED's and SPDT toggle switches (unless I should use another type?).

    Any help would be appreciated!


  2. Harold Cole

    Harold Cole Member

    The Tortoise switch machine comes with a wiring Diag.It has 2 sets of contacts(single pole double throw.One set is rated at 1 amp and the other is about a half amp.I used the 1 amp contacts to block the section of track so when i throw the switch it kills power to that section,when the switch is in the other position that section is repowered and the other side of the switch is dead.Same would apply for the lights or diods to give indication as to which way the switch is thrown.
  3. Jayson, I believe Circuitron, the makers of the Tortoise have also developed a circuit they call the " Hare ". I understand it allows a DCC equipped system to throw your turnouts via the DCC controller . I'm not that knowledgeable about the specifics but I'm sure some of our Gurus can help you ! Good Luck, Joe ! :thumb:
  4. Harold Cole

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    Joe,you are right about the Hare circuit For the Tortoise switch machine.But it is a hair pricy.
  5. ExtremePCs

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    Thanks. I did see the Hare unit on-line. I want to end up controlling the turnouts with toggles though, so other than easier wire connections, I'm not sure if I need it. I guess the appeal of actually "throwing a switch"... I still need to get the basic wiring done before I get to that point though, and that in itself is turning out to be a nightmare. I may need to step away from it for a while until the fog clears :)


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