Atlas DCC Turnout Control (stationary Decoder)

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by YmeBP, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. YmeBP

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    So i've been scratching my head trying to figure out how to control all the turnouts i have w/ dcc w/o selling blood and body parts to pay for the stationary decoders when i came across this:

    ... 2 snap switches per output :), means 12 turnouts per stationary decoder... does anyone have any experience w/ this decoder!? I'd love to get some feedback about atlas's stuff in general. I can use 2 of these and control my yard and mainline 24 turnouts ... the pubble of drool grows.

    My LHS reccomended an atlas decoder for one of my loco's.
  2. cnw1961

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    This decoder looks exactly like the Lenz LS 150 on the first view. And as all the parts of the Atlas DCC system are made by Lenz, this decoder is the Lenz LS 150 simply labeled for Atlas (you can still read Lenz Elektronik GmbH LS 150 on the board between the connections for the transformer and the LED). I used two of the Lenz decoders for a while. I cannot say anything bad about these decoders – they worked without any problems, were easy to install and easy to program. I only removed them, because when I used them to control my turnouts, I spent more time looking at my throttle selecting numbers of turnouts than watching my trains. I am using toggle switches in the fascia of my layout now and I like it much better (and it’s much cheaper). Another drawback of stationary decoders to control turnouts is that you have to look at the turnout itself to see which way it faces. You don’t have any indicator like the toggle of a switch.

    I am afraid to say, that they got something wrong at Wholesaletrains. That’s what the manual of the Lenz LS 150 says: "The LS 150 has 6 outputs, which means that up to 6 devices (point and semaphore signal drives, uncoupling tracks etc.) can be connected to a LS 150 and controlled individually". I did not try to connect two devices to one output, so I cannot say if that works, but you definitely cannot control them individually. Looks like Atlas does not have a manual for this decoder on their website, but here is a link to the lenz website where you can find a manual for the LS 150: .
  3. YmeBP

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    Thanks for the input :). Currently i have 2 turnouts connected to one momentary switch so putting these devices in place would essentially be the same. I have a yard that has 5 tracks and it gets confusing. I was planning to use a signal system based on some posts i've read about led wiring. I can put a simple contact plate under the turnout arm that moves the points when it completes the circuit i can have an led glow green on one route and red on the other.


    I know what you mean about controlling these things... i'm so used to toy trains that i crank the throttle up and watch the thing zoom around the tracks hahaha now i know why you let them roll slowly i have a hard time remembering which switch to throw when... i have them all labeled too but i realized that i over labled so now i have a mile of scribble on my control board still learning about this stuff :). I'll get there eventually. I'm having a blast though!!

    Are you still using your decoders? Interested in selling them?

  4. Jeff Law

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  5. YmeBP

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    I have all snap switches. I noticed there aer a few manufacturers that advertise tortoise will they also work w/ snap (selenoid) type switches.

  6. jwils1

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    I have the Lenz LS150s which is the same as the AtlasMaster unit. Two turnouts per connection means that these two turnouts will always be thrown at the same time, like a crossover where you always want both switches aligned the same.

    I use them that way for two of my crossovers. But otherwise each connection will normally throw only one switch. In that case each of these units will control only 6 turnouts.

    I use these for 22 snap switches and they work very well.
  7. YmeBP

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    Suuhweett ;) thanks for the info!! perfect this is exactly what i needed!
  8. Dansco

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    Can you elaborate on the signaling method your using/going to use? I have a few turnouts in hard to see spots that Id like to have some easy track side indicators for.

    Led, slide plate, and a resistor might do the trick...
  9. YmeBP

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    Honestly i haven't decided yet. I've been bargain hunting for the plastic masts for track side signals and i just stumbled across these:
    on feebay.

    I have a couple other led's that i may try as well.

    Basically i'd like to have the lenz throw the turnout and a snap relay, the snap relay then lights the appropriate led on my board and on a trackside signal or overhead signal on my layout.

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