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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Herc Driver, Nov 21, 2005.

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    Notice I spelled review with a small "r" because I hardly consider myself an expert on giving product reviews...I just wanted to let everyone know something about a product IMHO.

    Just bought this at a good price from my LHS. It's my first Atlas engine, and I didn't know what to expect from it. Out of the box, everything is assembled except the hand rails - which were quite a trick to install (get out the tweezers and a really bright light to find the insert holes). Detail is very good (compared to the Kato, Bachmann, LifeLike I already own). I've been running it with a very light consist of three freight cars and the engine seems to be pulling at a uniform speed throughout my layout. I use Bachmann EZ track, and so far it has not had a problem with any of the switches/turnouts or curves. It seems to be slipping though...or at least sounds like it. I checked and there is no oil on the wheel sets, although I did oil it after using it for a few minutes since I know for a fact that it's been on the LHS shelf for almost a year now and possibly much longer. It has a "surging" sound at all speeds, but doesn't seem to be jerking around the layout. Any thoughts on why it's making this sound would be appreciated.

    Well, sorry this isn't more technical...I don't have the equipment to give you any other factors...just my unscientific impression of the product. Here's the official Atlas specs copied from their website:

    Features Include:
    -Golden-white LED
    -Painted safety rails
    -Directional lighting
    -Blackened metal wheels
    -Scale Speed™ motor
    -Factory-installed AccuMate® magnetic knuckle coupelrs

    Optional body details include:
    -Hood: with or without horizontal headlight (used where appropriate)
    -Pilot: with or without footboards (used where appropriate)
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    A couple of my atlas locomotives seem to make the surging sound as well. I was worndering if that was just an atlas charistic or something that should be looked into.

    Good information :)
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    Product Reviews


    I've run the C630 for about 1.5 hrs now and it seems to be quieting down a little...but still has that motor surging sound. Absolutely no problems with the turnouts though which is not a testament to my track laying ability but the tolerance of the wheel sets.

    I'd like the forum all about product reviews. Of course they're more opinion than cold product reviews...but there are a great many people on this board with a wealth of information about products that could be really helpful to help make better buying decisions. If I was more observant, I would have noticed a thread all about reviews and put this message there.

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