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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by SD90, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. SD90

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    I wonder how good these will be? The HO scale models look very nice, but how do they compare to HO scale Kato and Atlas? I bet there will be alot of N scale CN modelers happy to see them if they run good!
  2. Pete

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    I recently acquired an undecorated SD70I Canadian cab from eBay (should be pretty much the same) for $42 US - couldn't pass that up!
    I haven't compared it as far as accuracy goes, but the detailing is fine and crisp, and it has a lot of add-ons to be applied - fans, grabs, wipers, sanding lines, operating ditch lights and functional nose door (unless you're a klutz with the glue!). The lights operate on a 6-diode constant lighting circuit with the actual micro bulbs poking through the shell for illumination (no lenses), 2 front and two rear, with the ditch lights being optional add-ons.
    As far as running, it's only made a few trips back and forth on an 8-foot stretch of track on my modules, so it's far from being broken in. It's definitely quieter and smoother than the previous Athearns, even the recently upgraded blue box ones. Not quite as smooth as my Kato SD40-2's, but not far behind. Maybe once it gets some miles under it's belt... I don't have any Atlas loco's to compare it to, unfortunately.
  3. brakie

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    Pete,The more you run a Athearn locomotive the better it gets..The CF7s,SD50s and SD70s can take their rightful place along side Atlas and Kato as far as looks and operation..Make no mistakes these are not your standard blue boxes.I know the SD70MAC will be a winner as well as the SD45T-2..
    I have ran the SD50/70s at the club and they are very smooth running locomotives.I own 4 of the CF7s..These to are very smooth runners but a little on the light side like the older BB units but, nothing that some good old stick on weight can't help...I can't wait on the new GP35..
    Now,not to brag or boast but,I have some older Blue Box units that run as slick as any of the newer quality locomotives...I did tweak the drive but,nothing fancy unless you what to call hard wiring the motor fancy..One other thing I did was add A Line stick on weights to the inside top of the bodies..This cuts down on the shell chatter.. :thumb:
    Yup a little TLC,some stick on weights and lots of run time will make the older Athearn's run better,smoother and quieter..
  4. engineshop

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    I am wondering what will happened to the Athearn SD70M since Kato announced their own SD70M? I ordered two Athearn SP SD70Ms and I am still debating with myself if I should cancel the order and wait and see, which paint scheme Kato will bring out.
  5. brakie

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    Roland,Its my policy to wait till 2 like locomotives are in at the LHS then judge the better unit of the 2..You see there is nothing better than a side by side comparison base on your personal given and druthers and not opinions of others based on their given and druthers and perhaps their bias for one company..
    Edit-oops wrong unit being discuss on
  6. trainworm

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    the only info on the Kato SD70M's i have seen shows them only releasing UP and NS SD70M's with the flaired radiators. i guess they will hopefully have the new style cabs because the NS flared radiator SD70M's only had that cab style.
  7. brakie

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    Well gang Here what Athearn says.From the Athearn web page:
    SD70M - SD75M - SD75I
    Fully assembled and ready to operate
    • Die-cast split frame under frame
    • DCC ready
    • Either conventional or flared radiators per the prototype
    • Separately applied detail parts per the prototype
    • All wheels driven and provide electrical pick up
    • Sunshades
    • Knuckle couplers are factory installed
    • Snow plows
    • Equipped with machined brass dual flywheels
    • Air horns
    • Equipped with directional lighting
    • Brake wheel
    • Blackened metal wheels
    That split frame sounds new..I don't think the F59PHI has a split frame????
  8. Ralph

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    Hey guys,
    My ability to ID a locomotive stops around SD45s. What do the i and M designations at the end of SD70 stand for?
    Ralph (getting up to date)
  9. engineshop

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