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  1. hello everyone, been a while since i got to visit the Gauge, nice to be back. lately for the last 4 or 5 months) i have been working on my detailing skills. i recently purchased a couple of un dec athearn SD40-2's for a real good price. what i want to do is put a descent level of detail parts on each, but im not sure as to what parts to re place. i know im replaceing the fans and DB fans, as well as the steps with brass etched ones from Cannon. can you guys think of anything else i could re place to really set the locos apart from stock athearns, i dont want to spend $100.00 on each loco, just some nice, noticable additions. any ideas are welcome. thanks in advance.

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  2. Ray Marinaccio

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    Are you going to replace the molded on grab irons and lift rings or add pilot detail such as MU hoses and receptacles, coupler lift bars, safety chains and drop steps?
    Depending on the road your modeling and what phase SD40-2 it will represent you could change the anti climbers add plows correct horns, bell, or change the side grills.
    Air conditioners, radio antennas, windshield wipers, fuel fillers and gauges, fuel tank brackets and truck detail are another possibility.
    I usually study photos of a specific locomotive and add the details that are most noticeable or specific to that road.
    Putting the numbers in the numberboards and adding as much of the small warning label decals will make quite an improvement also.
    Adding all these detail parts sounds expensive put most of the parts are cheap and some can be fabricated. I bend my own grab irons, coupler lift bars, MU hoses and lift rings.

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