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  1. Howard31

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    I just aquired a few Athearn Rubber Band drive locos. On some of the units there is nothing holding the trucks.One would thinl there would be a spring clip holding them in place , but there does not seem to be any provision for a clip.The others which I believe to be later has the trucks held with a screw.Was this a factory change or a modification by a previous owner.
    Are replacement bands available or are any other bands available that will work.
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    Athearn still makes replacement rubber bands for their old HI-FI drives, it's part number 90101. If worst comes to worst, you could go to a pet shop and ask for some rubber bands they use to either bag fish or crickets which are essentially the same size. As for mounting, they used the elasticity of the bands to keep the trucks in place. I have two old rubber band drive locos, a GP9 and a Hustler. For the Hustler I'm waiting to find a gear kit to show up on eBay and the GP9 I have no use for, but both are very low on my priority list.

    Hope this helps you out.

  3. Howard31

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    Rubber bands

    OK, thanks for the info.:mrgreen:
  4. 60103

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    The locos used the bands to hold the trucks on.
    On the dummies (well, my RDC dummy) there was a little rubber tube bit that went over the metal spigot that the truck turned on. This could be made from some heat shrink insulation or a bit of regular insulation if big enough.

    Side note: when N gauge began, and was called OOO, Lone Star used the same system except they screwed the trucks on but had a little slot in the bottom of the side frames so that the axles could be slipped in but they would also slide out (and get lost) if the band snapped.
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    when i was a kid a friend used orthodontic rubber bands in his Hustler. O rings come n lots of sizes and one of them may be able to be made to work.

    Bill Nelson

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