Athearn Genesis SD50's??

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Topo, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. Topo

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    Do you know something about Athearn planing to make RTR SD50's in their Genesis line?
    If this became true, we will have Kato and P2K SD45's AND Genesis and P2K SD50's... (Yummm!! :D )
  2. sumpter250

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    Hadn't heard that, but it wouldn't be the "first Athearn SD50".
    I did these about 14 years ago, both started as Athearn SD40T-2s, and had a little kit bashing applied.
    The # 7025 is the SD50, and the # 8005 is the SD60. The Chicago & Northwestern, like the SOO, had winterization hatches on their SD60s.

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  3. Topo

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    Very nice models, Pete.
    They don't seem to have 14 years in their wheels! :cool:

    I have been tempted to convert one undecorated P2K SD60 to D&RGW SD50, but I have not too much confidence in my kitbashing abilities (I'm a 'RTR' guy, I'm afraid :rolleyes: ).
    So, after seeing their F7's and F9's, I would welcome a Genesis SD50... ;)

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