Aston DBR9 & Yamaha MT-01

Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by andyslogos, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. andyslogos

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  2. rmks2000

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    Nice builds! I like the coloring on the Yammie. Did you use glossy paper for the DB9 or spray a gloss coat?
  3. andyslogos

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    Hi rmks

    Thanks for that :)

    I made the bike using the cheapest paper I could lay my hands on which was plain old matt !

    I just hand painted all the parts using normal model paint , Tamiya & Humbrol.

    Whats with this forum :confused: I didn't even post this here, it was posted in 'Gallery anouncments' and kept giving me errors. I presumed it wasn't even here until you responded !

  4. pipy

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    GOOD JOB! both MT-01 and DBR9~~expressly the recoloring job on MT-01, maybe give some modify components will in that RED-BLACK color fits...whatever, your MT-01 is NICE and NEAT craft.

    BTW, you may post your thread on Commercial and Racing Vehicles subforum.

  5. Mark_1984

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    That's GREAT work Andy. I looked at the Aston kit and decided it was far too difficult ;)

    Nice web site as well.

    I've moved this to the Commercial & Racing board whcih is a better place for it. Hope you don't mind.

  6. andyslogos

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    Many thanks Pipy & Mark for your kind words, always nice to here good comments :)

    Thanks for that Mark, I was having trouble when I posted it and it seemed to end up here of it's on accord !

    I'm sure you could make it perfectly, it's more Incredibly irritating and frustrating rather than plain difficult !

    Andy :)
  7. andyslogos

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  8. zealousy

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    Yeah I built the MT 1 and I know how difficult it is. But mine is nowhere near the drama you spilled there man. Great job!!!
  9. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member

    lol, I think I get the 'jist' of that being an old git lol, thanks :mrgreen:

    If you finished yours I think it must of looked great to, mine just looks ok because I slapped it in paint all over to cover up all the bodges ;-)

  10. zealousy

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    Yeah I love it anyway!: ) I'm newbie here and the MT1 was only my second venture into Papercraft. I'll put some pics up here and maybe I'll get a welcome ; )

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