Assistance with Surfdukes 1:32 Service Module / Build Thread

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by DDay2022, Jul 2, 2008.

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    Hi all, I'm in the process of putting together the model in the title, unfortunately I'm confused with the instructions/assembly of the engine mount on the aft end of the service module. Anyone care to post any photos to help clarify this?

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    Hi Chris,

    I have one photo collage of the aft end of Surfduke's SM. When I wrote up the instructions for Carl, he didn't have any photos yet. Hope this helps.


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  3. DDay2022

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    Turning this into a build thread

    Just thought I'd post the progress that I've made on this model so far. I had to build the antennas out of 4 layers of 110# card stock and shape them accordingly. My fingers just were not small enough to fold them.

    Built with Wausau 65# card stock, xerox 110# card stock, and xerox 20# bond paper printed using an HP Photo printer.



    Next step is to figure out the engine mount on the bottom. For a 1st build I must say that this is going pretty easy.
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    Because of the original's strange geometry, the engine mount is one of the more difficult and confounding parts of Surfduke's excellent CSM. After about three tries and failures, I gave up and took a different route.

    I wound up taking two rectangles of 1/8th-inch thick basswood and gluing them together. When they dried, I cut and sanded it to the shape of the bulge. That piece was then covered with a silver paper. I added the two bulges for the SPS fuel and oxidizer fill and drain with the same silver paper, as well as some red and black cardstock. I used a gold metallic paper for the center of the bulge, and detailed it with strips of the same gold paper.

    I replicated the complex "spider-web" detail on the bottom of the bulged piece with strips of silver thread. Were I doing it over again, I'd probably just use thin strips of silver paper, but it wound up looking good.

    As for the HGA, one thing you might want to think about doing is going to a hardware store and getting some of those cone-shaped disposable paint filters. I got one, cut out the mesh part, "painted" it black with a big Sharpie and then scratchbuilt the HGA using the mesh pieces and other scratchbuilt pieces.

    (You might note my model doesn't have the HGA attached. That's because I built Apollo 7, which flew without the HGA. However, when I built the model, I wasn't aware of that, so I spent a few hours building the HGA and gluing it to the model. When I discovered my error, I had to take the thing off, so now I have a spare HGA....)

    On a side note, I'm packing for a move and I'm finding that packing card models is a major pain in the rear....

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