Asgard ship Daniel Jackson

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  1. STARGATE!!! Asgard ship Daniel Jackson WIP

    hi guys i need help of refrance materials on the asgard science vessel my hope is to construct a simple paper model using google sketchup refrence i need is plan and elevatipon views any refrence help apprciated ive looed all over but all i get is the same pic and its only small
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  3. thanks that should help along with other bits and pieces i have
  4. hey guys been buys ive decided to build this model from scratch using the refrence i have and so far. ive got the main ship done and started a test unfold its woked great the model will be 10cm in height i managed to print out a quick copy in black had enough ink left it 7 pages so far no textures yet they will be in the final unfold ill test build it later. wich ill post pics of to ohh also the 3d model isnt finished still need to add other little bits onto it please give some feedback on what you think because id like to know seeing as how this is my first model

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    looking good so may need to add 2 separate triangular pieces for the front, and move the space between the "wings" a bit more forward.

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  6. thanks and that pic will help
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    I really liked the Asgard ships, too -- here's the shots of the Daniel Jackson that I have:

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  8. wow thanks thinking now whether i should rebuild the one ive started that last pic is perfrect

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