As-built drawing of Tauxe layout

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Santa Fe Jack, Dec 17, 2007.

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    I have finally completed the as-built drawing of the layout, though it is still waiting on working up the turntable/roundhouse. The rest is pretty darned accurate - certainly good enough to begin documenting the wiring and placing the scenery. The whole thing is 6x10 ft.

    I tried to pack a lot of things into this, including to long main lines (one uninterrupted -- the gray box at the top is a mountain tunnel), a yard lead and moderately complex yard (if a bit short) with a runaround, and two entrances to the turntable to get engines out onto the line quickly. The triangle at the lower right is the control panel.

    Now to finish the wiring of all the turnout track. Do I really need to wire up all the frogs to the switch machines? It will be a major PITA, but I suppose it will improve performance... Is it worth it?
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    Whether the frogs are worth wiring (I assume you mean powering) depends on the type of operation and the equipment you are running. I'm also guessing you are talking about Atlas Custom Line turnouts.

    For slow speed switching operation, especially with short wheel base and older steam locomotives, I would recommend powering the frogs to avoid stalling. On the main line, if you are just turning up the throttle and watching bigger diesels run, the only problem with unpowered frogs will be flickering passenger car and caboose lighting.

    After you are sure your track and wheels are clean, I would start by powering the yard turnout frogs. Others would be powered only if you have stalling problems or the flickering lights bother you.

    my thoughts, your choices
  3. Santa Fe Jack

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    Fred -
    Most of the turnouts, naturally, are in the yard, which will be serviced by shorter engines, so the suggestion of at the very least powering these frogs is wise.

    I neglected to say which type of turnouts I am using: They're all Walthers Shinohara code 83 nickel-silver, ranging from #4 to #6, with a three-way wye and double crossover for good measure.
    All are the newer DCC-ready style, but I am wiring the layout as blocked DC.

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