artificially ageing balsa wood ?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by fran1942, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. fran1942

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    Hello, I have put together some balsa bridges and want to make them look 20 years old approx.
    I know there is a product available that artificially ages balsa wood, but there must also be some kind of household product freely available that does the same thing. Maybe some kind of acid ?
    Does anyone have any experience ? I have previously stained and rubbed down for an old look, but is there a quicker way to achieve that bleached worn white-greyish look ?
  2. hminky

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  3. jim currie

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    house hold bleach.
  4. liven_letdie

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    I just read an article in an old RMC that had vinegar, steel wool, and a hairdryer. Worked good. They dropped the steel wool in the vinegar let it sit overnight dunked the wood in it overnight then hairdryed it for varying pattern. Ive been meaning to give it a try myself.

    Cory in Turlock
  5. nachoman

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    i like harold's idea, an will be trying it next time I have a need to. the grain of balsa or basswood is often too coarse for HO scale, and the glue doesn't accept stain. if you stain before you glue, the stained areas often don't glue well.


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