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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by trainsteve2435, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. hello everyone, i know i have posted regarding this topic before, but im really haveing a time trying to come up with a feasable track plan for my around the room shelf type benchwork. i have looked everywhere for possible suggestions, but come up empty handed. does anyone know any links to some larger around the room style track plans? my shelves are 2' wide all the way around. thanks!
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    Is the benchwork already built? How big is the room? Is it dedicated for trains-use only?

    For round-the-walls in a medium sized dedicated room, I really like Mike Hamer's Boston & Maine.

    See: Hamer/Hamer.htm , MRP 2001, and GMR 2004.

  3. hey andrew, thanks for the response. yes, the bench work is already built to fit the room. the room measures 10'2" wide by 16' long. the shelves as i mentioned earlier are all 2' wide except in corners where they are 22.5 for large radius curves. i like the B&M in the link you provided, but im looking for something with an over under type setting to it. thanks for the link, it is very nice.
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    Hi Steve, it sounds like you have done all the hard work your self,,Why not go all the way and devise your own track plan??
    Some one else`s plan proberly wont fit your bench work anyway.
    I bet you know what you want to run ,also time frame, ect.
    Look for some shelf dioramas that may spur you imagination and see where it takes you.
    Looking forward to YOUR progress. :thumb:
    ps I will post a few soon.
    try this link
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    Steve here are some ideas for you :D

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    Okay, Steve - I'm guessing here that you're working in HO. Here are a few questions I have for you.

    ---> 1.) What era do you plan to run? (Do you have a specific time frame in mind?)
    ---> 2.) Do you have a particular area in mind that you'd like to model? (Mountains? Prairies? ...etc.)
    ---> 3.) Does your shelf layout go all around the room?
    ---> 4.) Do you prefer operations, or continuous running?

    Just a few ideas to help us help you. :)

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