around the room N scale shelf layout.

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by pooka2hot4u, Jan 19, 2007.

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    Triplex: well since everybody is saying that those should be used for caboose and MOW storage i guess that would be a better idea, but i will read up on it more and see what best suits me.

    Renvo: thanks, ill have to read it a bit later as i have no time at the moment, but it looks like it will help. though i still think i should get a book or two as they will help me in many other aspects.
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    I probably shouldn't speak too loudly since it wasn't posted for me, but that link's not much help for designing a working classification yard. For staging yards though, which I'm sure he'll want to add down the road, it's perfect. To be honest, I really haven't come across a good page on the Internet on how rail yards function. If anybody out there knows of one this would be the perfect thread to share it in.

    As for not buying a book, I just don't see how anybody can spend thousands of dollars on a layout over the years and not budget a few bucks here and there for research. My own modeling has fallen a bit in the last few years as I've spent much more on books because I want to learn more. I've come to realize the many pitfalls of doing in-depth research on the Internet and clearly see that printed media is far from dead. There are some materials that are only available on the Internet for sure, but when both mediums are at my disposal I'd much rather spend the money on the book.
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    well i actually found an article there which i believe may be pretty helpfull in my quest for knowledge of the almighty yards:rolleyes:

    the staging article isnt much use for me now but was still a good read and may come in handy in the future.
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    well i ordered the track planning for realistic operations book like you suggested brian, and it should be here in a while.
    but ive been doing some reading and researching online about planning yards, and thinking about my own. i came to the conclusion that yard operations, and really operations in general are not very important for me. i will still include sidings and a yard to keep the layout fun, but i wont go out of my way and sacrifice scenery for them. so i decided that i will build a very simple yard which will probably not include all that many functions of an actual operating yard. it will be more of a staging yard just out in the open. heres some tings it will have:
    A/D Track: same as normally, just a place for the train to pull in
    Loco Storage/Maintenance Track: will come off the A/D Track, a place where the loco will pull in to wait for a new train to be put together (if i have nothing else for it to do), or to stay there when im done running. it will include a maintanance shed so the loco will atleast look like its being fixed and stuff while its waiting
    Lead Track: will come off the A/D Track and is pretty much a track which leads to the rest of the yard
    Body Tracks: will branch off the Lead track. these are the classification tracks for reordering freight cars. a track or two of that will be reserved for reordering and storing passenger cars while they are not in service or when im done running.
    Run Around Track: will be a siding along the lead for the switcher to be able to get around to the other side of a cut of cars
    MOW/Caboose Tracks: these will be two tracks (one for MOW equipment and one for cabooses) which will branch off the end of the Lead Track.
    There may be a track for cleaning and maintaining passenger cars but i dont know just yet, ill see if i can fit it.

    The track plan will also be switched around a bit, and the yard may no longer be on the peninsula by the door but actually by the area around the bridge. Also as you may have guessed by my new yard plan, i am really considering passenger service on my layout. Cars will just be the 50' overland cars. please let me know if i should make my minimum curve limit be 11" or can i keep it at 9.75? Also i may just use flex track for this since the sectional track is just not versatile enough...especially the atlas code 80 with just 3 different curve radiuses. i knew i shoulda went for the code 50.
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    ok no matter how much i tried and no matter how much i simplified and compacted i cant get a yard to fit. perhaps i should put it on a lower level?

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