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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by NOBI, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    ID me 8)

  2. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    Klimenti Voroshilov with big turret - aka KV-2

    Are you going to model the small turret and give a choice of KV-1 or KV-2?


  3. nebeltex

    nebeltex Member

    you mean like these, only larger?
  4. kampfflieger

    kampfflieger Member

    Looks fantastic!

    What scale of this monster?
  5. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member


    beta test build is not finish yet and i plan to release at 1/35 scale :roll:
  6. ramatoto

    ramatoto Member

    Hi NOBI,

    very impressive!

    I´ve just received the files from Papertigerarmament to scale them up, but now i will wait, and scale down:grin:.(please not so many small parts, or i´ll get some problems in 1/48:razz:)

  7. nebeltex

    nebeltex Member

    i like it. i do feel, however, that the mantle is a bit too wide. also, the outer cannon mantlet should have the left edge flat, right edge steep sloped. i believe yours is the other way around. the thing i like about the huge turret is you can put all sorts of patriotic slogans on the sides. keep us posted. cheers, c.b.
  8. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    Certainly for the KV-1/KV-2 - I'm not sure about the KV-85 though. There were quite a lot of detail differences between the early and later running gear. I guess it wouldn't be noticeable in small scales though.

    I think the problem with the 150mm gun mantlet is that the front plate is too wide. The mantlet assembly was almost square. The side plates of the mantlet were semicircular with curved edges. Check out the KV-2 images on site.


  9. nebeltex

    nebeltex Member

  10. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    I hope you didn't take my comment as criticism of your approach. I was trying to make the point that at Nobi's 1/35 scale the detail differences between the KV-85 and KV-1 would be noticeable. The whole KV-85 saga seems rather confused to me. Certainly the early production KV-85s were reworked KV-1S
    hulls. One wonders how many new production hulls made up the KV-85 production run or whether a fair number of them were recycled KV-1.

    The offset of the roadwheels on the heavy Soviet tanks is, as you say, caused by torsion bars running across the hull. The German approach was to point the swing arms in opposite directions so the roadwheels lined up. There is supposed to be a consequence of having offset roadwheels - the tank tends to pull towards the roadwheel set which lags.

    The KV-2 design was fairly conservative compared to some of the other KV designs. The KV-4 designs were around 90 tons.


  11. nebeltex

    nebeltex Member

    not at all. you can get away with inaccuracies easier in 1/72 scale than 1/35 (read; "artistic license"). the build photo looks great. the KV vehicles were fairly basic in their design and so should make a good looking and relatively uncomplicated paper model in any scale.
  12. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Big gun...KV-2

    This is a picture of 1/35 scale KV-2's beta build. Everything go very well, more work on wheel but worth to do. Kit will available soon.

  13. ShaunGamer

    ShaunGamer Member

    Very nice!!
    I am looking forward to it, so count on me as a customer.
  14. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    This picture is sample of 1/35 KV-2's part what show a cyric text on turret. look very promising and attractive eye...this model is big eventhough in 1/35 scale that make modeller easy to build. final kit will be available soon.

    You can visit my blog ( to see my design progress :roll:

  15. tino

    tino Member

    every time i enter in your site cant do nothing. I only see the main page!!
    When i clic in the links for example armour series or other nothing happen.
    Is that me or is the site?
  16. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    It's the site, Nobi has not finished his site yet

  17. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Apologized me for my lazy :( my website still unfinish. i wish i can finish it asap.
  18. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member





    as u know i am a web menger and i can run and make your web site :)
  19. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Hi Nobi,
    I love the KV-2 and I see it is now available to buy on your site.
    I am definately going to get this one.

    I would also like to get the Cromwell too but there is no link for it.
    How do I get this one?

  20. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Cromwell is up for download now, go to for more information and thank you very much in advance for all who want to support my work by purchase my commercial model :)

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