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    I have posted links to the 3d paper marine by Tirik and myself before, but here it is again...this time in the post.

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  2. tanakaonegai

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    awesome! thanks armor man. is there a terminator? also are there plans for any other miniature types? such as a chaplain or tech marine? or heroes?
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    Wondering if I can get the vector version of the Knight.


  5. aleks

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    Thank you Armorman.
    Quality of this one is far better.
    Your annotated version will be a good guidance in my build.




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  8. silveroxide

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    You keep adding more great models, I will never be able to build all of them and it is hard to break off and do other model projects. Thanks for all the sharing that you do. I have not uploaded my Wave serpent to Newobmij since I do not want to add another site to my queue. Pass on to Newobmij to check out his Serpent built by me and he can use my thread on his site.
  9. silveroxide

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    Befor Eli Patorch and flarebaffle came around, the original scratchbuild for the bane blade and other warhammer stuff came from the old style White Dwarf magazine. Here in this link, you can go back in time and check out out some old style scratchbuilding and other stuff that can still be used today in the 40K universe.. http://
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    I know the Imperium does have an assassin house called Eversor (Sniper specialists). I dont know that this means that the Eversor Tank is associated with the assassin house any more than a Leman Russ is associated with the Space Wolves Space Marine Chapter of which Leman Russ is the Primarch. Its may just be the use of a heroes name for the tank. Im curious now Ill see if I can find out and post it


    Newob is aware of your threads and likes what he sees.

    I'm working on something that will add to your pile......:twisted:
  12. Kjev

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    A sniper tank?

    Kind of like a precision nuclear bomb? :mrgreen:

    Where does the name "eversor" come from anyway?

    Please don't bother to answer if it would take the thread off track.
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    Eversor is actually Latin, as are many names in the WH40k universe...

    For instance the Tyranid "Carnifex" is merely a latin word for "Executioner"...

    Anyway, Eversor most directly translates to "Destroyer", and there actually is a Leman Russ "Destroyer" subtype.

    As to a tank specifically named "Eversor", I am coming up blank, however that does not mean such a creature doesn't exist... There is a mountain of "fluff" to ply through before saying with absolute certainty whether something does or does not really exist... And by the time you think you've finished coming to an answer, GW will likely have brought something about to make you wrong in either possibility :D

    The specifically named paper model in this thread, at least to me, looks like a an Imperial Guard Chimera was crossed with a Leman Russ Destroyer, with a Leman Russ Eradicator's "Nova Cannon" muzzle-break on the end, and a secondary turret with twin-linked bolters like on the Chimera.

    At the bottom of the Chimera article, there is mention of a "APDS-6a Defender" Chimera variant, and is described as similar to the Leman Russ Destroyer, so -perhaps- that's what the Eversor model is? I honestly can't say with certainty...

    The Nova cannon muzzle break is throwing me off, and the chimera-esque turret makes me hesitant to call it a leman russ pattern. Perhaps it's a kit-bash?
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    I may be mistaken, but I think most of these newest models are based on the new Horus Heresy books and kits from Forge there's lot's of new "lost" vehicles and concepts for us to buy... wall1
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    I say bag the "Lost" stuff. After all, you don't see any modern army running around in a Ford Model A, right? It's called "Progress," although in GW's case, it's probably called "Marketing."

    I'd rather see them expand a lesser-known race, or introduce yet another one. From a picture I saw many moons ago when the Tau were released, they have a lot of cool ideas. Of course, a universe with 40,000 different races would probably also seem too Star-Wars/Star-Trekky, too.
  16. zathros

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    I found this part of your statement kind of funny as most of these tanks, with no suspension, look like they came from an alternate universe WWI that never ended. The multi-stacked turret , wedding cake-like set ups could never function in reality, and remind me of what my friends and I would draw when we were kids and did not know better. I honestly would expect to see a model T, models A's would look too modern. The tanks are fun to look at though, it's true. Also, games and Anime use Latin or Greek to name their vehicles. "Last Exile", for example, had many Greek letters on their ships. :)

  17. William1105

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    I like the Tau. They're my main army, I guess (usually I end up doing more collecting and building than playing), and I was excited when I found out they were finally going to update them. I haven't gotten the new Codex yet though, because from what I saw of the "update" didn't impress me very much. New giant battle suits that look just like big versions of the old ones that all look the same already and fliers that just....I just don't know...

    I wish they had made "cheaper" plastic kits of the Forge World fliers just like they have with other models and concepts for all the other armies because I like those books and the feel of the campaigns they write for them.

    Still trying to figure out how/hoping to find some of the more interesting Tau models represented in paper.... :eek:
  18. Kjev

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    They do seem to draw a lot from history. With all variety in the worlds of the Imperium (at least in the novels), it would be nice to see something drawn from a little more recent history (Modern US-looking troops would be cool). But I do like a lot of tanks and vehicles in the Imperial Guard.

    I like the Tau because they are different. Futuristic-looking. And as a race, not as Xenophobic, hidebound, locked-in-the-past as the humies. Plus I'm not all that into spikes and skulls on everything, and my Latin sucks.

    That's part of what got me into paper modeling. Forge world is cool, can I say this diplomatically?...Let's just say they are rather proud of their product line when it comes to pricing.

    My own Tau Army (which I collect more than play with) is "Feral Tau." The F'Que sept of the Tau are less civilized than their standard bretheren, possibly from too much association with the Kroot. Their rifles are often fitted with human or Kroot-style sword bayonets, and they are generally considered lower-class and barbaric. The stripe pattern on their helmets is fairly distinctive, looking something like this:


    and serves as a reminder of their attitude towards life, the universe and everything. I have no idea how much of my conversions are "game legal" but since I don't really play, I don't really care. I just have fun doing the conversions.:mrgreen:
  19. William1105

    William1105 New Member

    100% with you on all of that.

    And that sounds like an awesome take on the Tau for your army! And as far as I know, as long as you just play games with your buddies or "unofficial" Games Workshop games, everything is "legal" as long as the rules are established before starting.

    I've seen this discussed around here before, but one of the reasons I have zero interest in any kind of official GW gaming is because they all but removed the DIY spirit that attracted me to the hobby in the first place. And don't even think about using card models in their games.

  20. NobodyUknow

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    I agree with so much of this, and as we all know, the most powerful chapter of Space Marines are the "Angry Marines"...

    You've got to respect a marines chapter that actually have a dedicated device called the "angry marine launcher", that's specifically for hurling one of their fellow marines at the enemy (middle fingers at full extension all the way) solely for the purpose of getting close enough to use their POWER BOOTS TO KICK THE ENEMY TO DEATH! (!!!LANGUAGE NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!)

    Originally just a passing joke among the 40k community, they actually have a full, albeit unofficial, Codex now! Download it some time and it's well worth a laugh even just for the fluff... Definitely not safe for "little eyes" but the game is really meant for grown-ups anyway.

    From a game-play perspective, they are akin to a gaggle of blood angels all having a simultaneous nuclear meltdown. Simultaneously hilarious and terrifying... for both sides...

    If you can make it through that article without at least a snicker, you should be checked for a pulse!

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