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    This was posted over at BWC, but I felt it was worth posting here:

    I just joined the group and wanted to say thanks to all those who have shared their templates and pictures here on the site. I work with a youth group and we have had a lot of success with 40k. Our kids come from poor families so I buy figures when I can find a good deal on ebay etc. I recently discovered papercraft and introduced it to the kids. Our first project was a papercraft necron monolith that came out amazing and near indistinguishable from the GW model. The kids were so excited that we began scouring the Internet for more things to build. We have gone from shoe boxes representing tanks to fully decorated and painted papercraft models. The people like you that have created them and share your talent should really be proud of your work. I can vouch for 20+ youths that you have made a real difference in their lives. Many have got awards at school for their creativity and there have been massive grades improvement across the board.

    I also want to tell you a quick story about a very special paper crafter.

    One of our kids took an amazing paper craft warhound Titan he built to a GW store for a best Titan model contest. He is 12 years old and worked for over three months building a model that rivaled anything that comes out of forge world. It was based on a set of templates by JSVIronFurnace. He added armor, lights, and sound from different toys and made a fully detailed interior. This was his pride and joy.

    At the contest the GW staff ignored his model and even referred to it as paper crap. He was getting really upset until another contestant took pictures of his Titan and told him how awesome of a job he did. A few other guys got in on it and really turned his day around asking him questions and complimenting him. The store staff gave the prizes and ribbons out not even judging his work.

    The group of guys that were encouraging him turned around and created a new " contestants best of show award" on their own and proclaimed him the winner. The actual winner of the contest even gave him the $250.00 GW gift card he won. Telling him that he just painted an overpriced hunk of plastic and that what he built from scratch was what the hobby was all about.

    What did this 12 year old do with that gift card? He bought core troops from a bunch of different armies and donated every last one of them to the youth group so his friends could all build and play.
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    That is truly an AWSOME and INSPIRATIONAL story. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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    I haven't had much time to model lately, and only get to pop in every now and then but I am so glad I caught this story. Thanks for sharing!
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    That is truly an inspirational story, thanks for sharing.
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    The Warhammer and 40K world have been a hobby of mine for nearly 30 years. The attitude of the GW staff toward young people trying to stay in this hobby is just the way as described. I understand that it is business to them, but if you don't encourage newcomers, your business will stagnate and die. Reading this story and seeing how the contestants reesponded to this young man is very encouraging. And the thoughtfulness of this young man to share with his youth group says volumes of his character. Thank you for sharing this with us all.


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    Well deserved too, your titan is awesome


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    Very cool flamer, very cool!!!


    Newobmij has finished the Waverider

    Harkonnen, I noticed that too, but I could not recall if you had built it. I'll let Elli know.

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    It's quite alright :) I wasn't angry or anything, merely pointing it out.

    Just tell him to keep making models and it's all good.
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    Hello, nice to see a familiar Forum, If you are lecturing 2 catalog 2012, I put out the old model does not make sense)


    Dart! Welcome!!! :D
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    Welcome Dart Rabbit....Nice initials. ;)
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    I did not understand the last
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    He has the same initials D(ented) R(ick) as you D(art) R(abbit)
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    This thread is amazing. My husband's birthday is coming up, and I'll be presenting him with a few of these little babies.

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