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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by rmks2000, Apr 3, 2007.

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    I saw 'Mail Call' a few days ago on TV and it featured the armor museum at Fort Knoxx. There was a tracked vehicle I believe was used by the US Marines that had three long barrels/tubes on each side and parellel to the vehicle. each of the three barrels were separate from each other by perhaps a foot. I don't know if they were rocket tubes or small cannons because I missed that segment of the show. There were no other weapons on the vehicle that I could see, but themn again I caught only a few seconds of it. I don't know what period it was built but I would say somewhere between the fifties and seventies.

    Can anyone identify it?
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    That's a cool vehicle. Almost lloks like something from Macross or Mechwarrior...
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    That's it! Thanks paper Warrior!
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    More is better!

    The Canadian Army mounted a single 106mm recoilless rifle on the back of a jeep back in the '80s. My unit (Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada) used these vehicles until they were phased out.

    The Ontos packed a lot of punch, but to reload, the crew had to get out from under the protection of the armour. Both the Ontos and our gun jeeps were definitely a "shoot and scoot" weapon!

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    Ontos is greek for The Thing or Ugly.

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