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    My latest model, currently under construction, is a Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker in 1/120 scale. I have also added missile, more elaborate than those with my MiG-29 model. The missiles, attached below wings, have come out very crude, with all the difficulties I've had making them. I made plans to roll into bars and cones, and also insert the fins. The missiles were made using slightly hard card paper.

    If you've made armaments for this scale, what do you suggest? I'm thinking of using printstock (I'm not well-versed with the classification of paper by thickness) to make one turn for the bar and cone and making fins and holders in harder paper. I may even make infinite rolls to make a thick bar and slice a cross at the back to put in the fins. If anyone wants the plans, or pictures of the product, do tell me. I'll sketch (or MSPaint) what I've done that I find so hard.
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    DUN dun dun dun!!! This sounds like a job for...............TEXMAN!

    Arjun........ you may want to PM him he works with 1/144 a bunch, if anyone can help you, it would be him!

    Because you see, my suggestion would be to to to 1/72 or 1/48:grin:

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    missile tubes

    Try hand rolling cigarette papers great thing is you can lick the glue tab to seal the cylinder.
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    How do I get the cone and fins to sit in place? That itself depends a lot on luck.
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