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    hello all.
    i live in texas,currently for last ten years i have been the welder/metal guy at a local coach conversion company.before that i was in the US Navy for four years serving with VQ-1. we flew EP-3E ARIES II. spent most of my time in Guam, but we went to alot of other places to.
    my interests are kinda all over the place, but i have strong love for WWI aircraft. pretty much anything with guns on it. sci fi too. star wars n bsg(both old n new).want to try ships, ihave the dreadnought from digital navy printed but not the courage to start it.( man thats o lot o little parts). on the gaming side i read a lot of the warhammer 40k books and would love to play if not for the prices and no one to play with without having to drive 60 miles to a place where its played. i still built a dreadnought anyways(will post pics).
    i also build in plastic(please dont ban me for this one little fault)!
    now ineed to figure out how to post pics(im not good at this computer stuff unless it has playstation written on it)
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    :welcome1: to the forum arkon. That has to be the best introduction I have ever read. I think you will do fine here and if you have any problems, send me a P.M. (Private Message) and I will help you out. Great to have you aboard, and we look forward to seeing your work.:thumb:
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    Welcome aboard arkon! :D
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