Arkham Asylum Batmobile: Studio Scale

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Master-Bruce, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Those come in such different shape and sizes, you might want to make a drawing for what you are attempting. I made a recumbent trike 3 years ago, and I used Heim Joints to hold the suspension. If you get them with female ends, you can do a lot with them. The mounts can be used to orient them if that is an issue. Heim Joints can be used for many things and they can take a load in virtually any direction. Though tension is probably the strongest. They come in all types of sizes, from absurdly tiny to absurdly huge!


  2. Master-Bruce

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    Thanks for that mate, I appreciate the input. :)

    But the parts I'm talking about are for providing power to the wheels. I'm no mechanic. :D
  3. Master-Bruce

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    Some more done today. Far from finished. :D

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  5. inky

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    This is an awesome project, I bet your kids are chomping at the bit waiting for it to be finished. I am looking forward to seeing it finished myself. Keep up the good work.
  6. Master-Bruce

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    That's exactly the part mate. My problem at the moment is knowing what size(length) I need and knowing if I can even get them in the length required.
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    Ebay is your friend for the driveshaft's. Cheep and loads of different sizes. I have a local RC nitro shop and they couldn't compete on price, I wanted to support the local shop, but he wouldn't budge on price when I got some for another model, so bought from ebay, arrived day after.
  8. Master-Bruce

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    Sounds like you know a lot more than me mate. I'll be picking your brain to pieces later on I'm sure. LOL! :D
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    for the r/c part are you going with electric motor or gas?


    I thought it was going to be rubber bands.....lots of reeeeeeeeeeallly long ones! sign1


    You're not supposed to inhale it!!!! ;)
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    Then how else am I supposed to get to my happy place? :eek:

    (Kidding of course! sign1)

    Transferring power to the drive shaft is as easy as bolting a small gear on your motor, bolting a large one on the rear shaft, then mating them with a mounting plate (ridiculously easy to fabricate). Having a solid plate for the bottom of your car is a good thing, since you can drill holes anywhere for your mounting brackets. Just make sure they have enough clearance for the drive gears.
  13. Master-Bruce

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    Yeah, I figured I can mount everything pretty much wherever I want as there should be plenty of room inside the car/shell aside from under the cockpit which makes me think it'll either be front or rear wheel drive. I doubt I'll be able to save the 4WD the donor car currently has?

    Thanks for the compliments guys, I appreciate them. :)

    Oh, Ekuth. I actually love the sanding part! Feeling it take shape under your hand. Oh yeah, I'm sanding by hand as my hand sander blew up a few months back. It also means I can feel the contours as I go and feel if I'm sanding too much.
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    I haven't yet dipped into the world of fiberglass and resin but I'm hearing some things on "aqua resin"? Have you tried this out? It's supposdely not as toxic to work with.
  15. Master-Bruce

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    It's not toxic at all mate. Not when mixed and curing like other resins. It's very safe to use.

    However, when used with Pepakura/cardmodels, it has big cons. Mainly the high water content. It takes longer to cure than polyester or polyurethane resins and combine that with the water content and you often get warped, sagging models by the time it's cured.

    There are ways to prevent this but it's time consuming IMO which was why I opted for urethane on this project.

    But, Aqua resin(Jesmonite) is very strong and can work well if used right in the right conditions.
  16. vulcan8630

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    Thanks for the info, Skip! I've been seeing the interesting projects coming out of the "costuming" generation lately and I'm quite amazed....I sorta wish I had this when I was a teenager/young adult....I would have made that Robert Heinlein Starship Trooper suit I wanted...And I could have done it cheaply and safely!
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    SKIP! You're back... and what a way to come back too i might add... this can only help inspire me to finish a certain batmobile of my own which is currently (still) on hold while I finish stage one of a massive project I've taken on (started with one model, it's snowballing). I've only recently regained access to my account here. (thanks ekuth!)

    Looking forward to seeing how this R/C thing of yours works out, it's something I've always thought about doing myself one day (adding R/C to a paper model) although i'll be trying it with a helicopter.

    Again... great to see you back mate!
  18. Master-Bruce

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    Thanks mate, for the compliment and the warm welcome back. :) It's funny how small things turn into bigger projects isn't it. LOL!

    No updates on this Batmobile yet, just been too busy and the weather isn't on my side. :( But I have started modelling another car from the Batman world, I'll start a new thread for it.

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